5 best Minecraft ship build ideas in 2022

A ship in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
A ship in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

One of the features that make Minecraft a sandbox masterpiece is that it gives players the ability to build anything. If they can think it, they can build it.

While some players choose to build a castle or a treehouse, others undertake massive projects that involve cities or even entire empires.

Ships are a popular design in Minecraft since the game allows players to build on and under water bodies such as oceans. Some players build pirate ships and small boats, while others focus on medieval-style ships or modern cruise ships.

This article will list five great ship designs that players can build in Minecraft 1.19.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

Cruise ship, Nether ship, and 3 other ship designs that players can build in Minecraft 1.19

1) Wooden ship

This build, by Minecraft Redditor u/South-Definition5544, is mostly made using different types of wood and wooden items. The hull is constructed from red nether bricks, while the deck is made from birch slabs. Meanwhile, wooden logs are used to construct the masts.

Viewers will notice some interesting structures sprouting from the masts. The builder has used multiple fences to design a frame that resembles a ship’s sails. Players can assume that the sails are made of plain blocks like wool or concrete and stacked on top of each other using a fenced frame.

Other features of the ship include cannons made of trapdoors as well as the bow and stern made of dark oak slabs, oak planks, and birch planks.

2) Cruise ship

Cruise ships are some of the most extravagant and luxurious vehicles known to man. Replicating one in Minecraft takes quite a lot of hard work and dedication. This build is the brainchild of Redditor u/Textuailpie45972 and is attempted in the Bedrock edition of the game.

Players can see that the entire exterior of the cruise ship has been made using an all-white plain block that looks similar to quartz.

The ship has two visible levels, both of which have rooms with their own balconies. Each balcony or viewing area is made of oak wood planks, slabs, and signs.

Towards the front of the ship, players will notice a small jacuzzi and the structure of the wooden deck. The main office or “superstructure” is mainly made using glass blocks and other solid blocks.

3) Medieval ship


The medieval style of architecture is pretty common in Minecraft. Players often use it for structures like castles, palaces, statues, and much more.

The most striking features of this medieval ship build are its sails, which are entirely white. They have been designed in a curved manner.

The rest of the ship is mostly made of wood, like the first entry in this list. However, unlike that build, this one has fully detailed interiors with different rooms for storage, decoration, and utility.

4) Ship and island build

This build contains two structures instead of a single ship. The first part of the project is the ship build, which bears many similarities to the first entry on this list.

The hull and deck are made using spruce planks, oak planks, and oak fences. The builder has also added chains at the bottom of the ship for decoration. Lanterns can be seen hanging from the sails. They are also placed along the deck.

The second part of the build is the island. As seen in the Reddit post above, this area was built from scratch by Minecraft YouTuber IT-TVGaming.

The island doesn’t have a specific design but is nevertheless neatly built, with symmetrical fences, neatly placed leaf blocks, and carefully carved-out pathways.

5) Nether ship

This design by Minecraft Redditor u/dancsa222 is one of the most creative builds on this list. It consists of a ship inside the Nether dimension.

Unlike ship builds in the Overworld that are supposed to be built on water, this Nether-based ship design puts it on top of a lava lake.

The hull of the ship is made using polished basalt, while warped trapdoors are used as perimeter fences. A small interior has been designed, which includes a chest, pillars, warped planks, warped signs, and a campfire on the roof.

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