5 best Minecraft Skywars servers in 2023

Minecraft Skywars servers are a fun PvP gamemode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft Skywars servers are a fun PvP gamemode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that Mojang developed. It has become one of the most popular games in history and is played by millions worldwide. The game allows players to build structures from cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world, requiring creativity from players as well as strategy.

One of the most popular concepts created is Skywars, a popular gamemode within Minecraft. Skywars is a PvP (Player vs Player) minigame where players have to fight against each other and conquer each other's sky islands.

Minecraft Skywars is one of the most popular minigames

5) MoxMC

IP address: moxmc.net

MoxMC is a fabulous Skywars server (Image via Mojang)
MoxMC is a fabulous Skywars server (Image via Mojang)

MoxMC is a Skywars server with a lot of different game modes. It has a large community, and it's easy to find a game. The server has a lot of different maps to play on, from the standard map with only one island to custom-made maps with their rulesets and themes.

MoxMC is not only a Skywars server, but it also hosts a variety of other games to play, such as hide and seek, factions, and many more. It has a lovely, friendly community that's always willing to help you if needed. The server does not have any lag or glitches and runs all the time smoothly, even when there are many players on at once.

Multiple maps are available for Skywars (and other game modes), and different kits for each. You can choose from simple ones like Survival or Creative, or go big with something like Deathrun or Hardcore Mode, where death will be permanent until you respawn again using your resources in the next round after dying.

But don't worry about getting bored because there are so many things going on at once. Players build structures together and fight each other. Others might be exploring around looking for treasure chests filled with loot items hidden throughout various places within each map.

Such locations include dungeons underneath lakes filled with lava pits that require special tools such as axes made out of diamonds. These tools must be mined from underground mineshafts below mountainsides, where diamonds spawn randomly throughout their depths.

Average player count: 500-2000

4) CubeCraft

IP address: play.cubecraft.net

Cubecraft is a Skywars server that has been around for a long time (Image via Mojang)
Cubecraft is a Skywars server that has been around for a long time (Image via Mojang)

This well-known Minecraft server will probably be recognizable to many seasoned Minecraft players. Previously, the largest server for Minecraft multiplayer was CubeCraft. Although Hypixel has now surpassed its popularity, it offers a wide range of game modes, including Skywars.

The 12-player Skywars gamemode was one of the earliest offered by CubeCraft and has since been refined. CubeCraft is the best Skywars server, with multiple unique maps, unique kits, and tons of fun, engaging content constantly being added.

Cubecraft was originally known for its Eggwars, which most will know as Bedwars because that's what Hypixel took it and turned it into. The server still offers Eggwars and gets tons of people playing it daily. If you're a fan of Skywars, this may be a gamemode you would like.

Average player count: 200-1000

3) PikaNetwork

IP address: play.pika-network.net

PikaNetwork is a fantastic server for cracked players (Image via Mojang)
PikaNetwork is a fantastic server for cracked players (Image via Mojang)

PikaNetwork is a Minecraft server that has been around for quite a while now. It has many different game modes and unique features, making it one of the best Skywars servers. Its popularity is due to its unique game modes, friendly playerbase, and the ability for players playing cracked Minecraft to join.

The best part about this Skywars server is that you will always be able to get in a game no matter the time. You can play and level up your kits and abilities by winning games and killing other players.

PikaNetwork is a fun and friendly Sky Wars server with a great community. The staff team is very active and always trying to improve the server by adding new content and plugins. Here is a list of the other game modes available on PikaNetwork for anyone interested in the server.

  • Factions
  • PracticePvP
  • Skyblock
  • KitPvP
  • BedWars
  • Lifesteal
  • Creative
  • Survival
  • OpPrison

Average player count: 1000-5000

2) JartexNetwork

IP address: jartex.fun

JartexNetwork is an enjoyable Skywars server (Image via Mojang)
JartexNetwork is an enjoyable Skywars server (Image via Mojang)

JartexNetwork is a Minecraft Skywars server that has existed since 2015 and is still active today. It's one of the most popular Skywars servers on this list, with hundreds of players online at all times. The server has a large player base and lots of different game modes for you to choose from.

JartexNetwork is a popular Minecraft Skywars server with a good community and active admins. It has many excellent custom maps that you can easily play for hours without fully grasping things.

Many of the Skywars features available on other high-quality servers are also available on Jartex, renowned for having little to no lag while playing. Additionally, players can play this server with a cracked version of Minecraft, meaning you can play for free without even paying for the game.

Jartex Network is possibly the best choice for those looking for a straightforward Minecraft Skywars server to play on. Anyone can sign up and play Skywars on this server.

Average player count: 750-2000

1) Hypixel

IP address: hypixel.net


The Hypixel network is the largest Minecraft network in the world, with millions of players. It hosts a variety of games, including Skywars. The community is very active and helpful; there are many different ways to get involved at Hypixel if you want to be a part of it.

Players in Skywars on Hypixel can play the gamemode on a team or alone. There is even a competitive leaderboard-based ranked Skywars mode to appreciate.

Skywars on Hypixel has had almost 10 years to develop into what it is today, which makes it easily one of the best servers for Skywars. Skywars is still easily one of the most famous games on the entire network, with thousands of people playing daily.

With tens of thousands of players per day on average, Hypixel is the biggest server in the world. Due to its size, it receives a lot of funding, which allows its creators to produce the best minigames. These games provide a ton of original features that aren't found anywhere else. Hypixel is an excellent server for explorations.

Average player count: 20000-100000

Minecraft Skywars server tips and tricks

Tip 1

The game's goal is to start fights you believe you can win. If, for instance, you are wearing only chair armor and the other person has less armor but a stronger sword than you, you can easily win the battle and possibly gain valuable items. Planning whether a battle can be won or lost is essential for surviving Skywars.

Tip 2

Certain loot, like the ender pearl, golden apple, or even explosives, can completely change the course of the game. Golden apples can give you the upper hand in combat, ender pearls can save you from the emptiness of death, and explosives can instantly destroy your foes. It is advised to practice these items in the real world first to obtain expertise before employing them.

Tip 3

You shouldn't spend a lot of time camping in the area where you spawn at the start of the game. You can easily find rich loot outside where you spawned in the center area, but you should always return to camp after picking up any loot you find there. If you are up against people continually battling one another, camping is an excellent technique for survival.

Tip 4

Prior to playing Skywars, practicing parkour would be incredibly helpful in navigating the map. It can be used to flee a fight as well as pursue foes. A bucket of water will also help slow down enemies and help you swim back up if you fall into the void.

Tip 5

In SkyWars, projectiles are essential since they make a player's death straightforward. Items that can be thrown at a player to knock them back are known as projectiles. Examples include eggs, snowballs, fishing rods, arrows, and more. You can utilize these to knock someone away from you or off a bridge, but to employ these projectiles.