5 best Minecraft survival servers with no PVP (2022)

Vanillarite server (Image via Top Minecraft Servers)
Vanillarite server (Image via Top Minecraft Servers)

Minecraft is a great game that has a wonderful community. Playing with other players is something that draws people to the game and has kept them tethered to the game over the past 13 years. Survival, Creative, and the occasional adventure map make for a good time with friends, but there are several other good modes that players can play together.

There are so many great modes that require a little bit of effort to either create or be a part of, which is why servers exist for the game. Many servers are created to give players the opportunity to try these modes and many of them feature PvP.

However, not all players like PvP modes. It is a bit of a different game mode that requires a unique skillset. There are other servers where that's not a part of the game, and interested players can join those if they are not a fan of PvP modes.

Minecraft servers for non-PvP players

5) Skyblocky

Skyblocky is the #1 Skyblock server in the world in terms of community size and gameplay. Retweet for Skyblocky Hype

One of the largest non-PvP servers for the game has to be Skyblocky. It has a ton of players, being able to fit well over 6,000 members. Right now, there aren't many free spots, so players who are interested should check it out as soon as possible. There are tons of game modes available but the one key aspect is that PvP is not a part of it.

4) MC Parks

MC Parks (Image via
MC Parks (Image via

Everyone loves theme parks. Just like the real world, these can be really cool in Minecraft as well. On this server, players have set out to recreate things from popular theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and Disneyland Resort. Some of the most popular destinations have been stunningly recreated into the game. One important thing for players to note is that this server doesn't have PvP either. It doesn't get much better than that, and it is one of the most well-kept servers available.

It has been active since 2013, when the creators first began creating theme parks in the game. It has grown exponentially since then, and it is growing everyday.

3) Vanillarite

Giving players the choice is a good thing. In Vanillarite, players have the option to enable or disable PvP, which makes it open for all kinds of players. Here's what the creators said about it:

"Vanillarite is a 16+ vanilla server plus some plugins that keeps the players in mind. Claim blocks to protect your builds where you can enable PVP if you so desire, active staff, and a supportive community. Player shops to sell your items. Bring your friends or make some new ones. Hope to see you there!"

There is plenty to do and it's a relatively small server, which means there's a lot of peace and quiet for crafters.

2) TynPlay

TynPlay server (Image via
TynPlay server (Image via

TynPlay is one of the highest rated non-PvP servers out there. users have given it 4.7 stars, which is a glowing score. It's also moderately big. Currently, the server can host over 600 players and has a little over half of those spots taken. There are plenty of things to do in the server without players having to worry about fighting other players.

For some, that's a big part of a Minecraft server, but others prefer to live in peace without any fear and without having to fight.

1) Provim Semi-Vanilla SMP

My base of operations at the Provim Survival #Minecraft server. Pictured here is the deepslate fountain, a new villager house and the north and south quarters of the town where my home is the division between them. Still finishing the chapel...#MinecraftBuilds #MinecraftBuild

On, Provim is rated as one of the best non-PvP servers available. It was given a 4.7 rating by users, so prospective players can rest assured that they are getting into a quality server. It also has plenty of spots, with over 90 available slots at the time of writing. The downside is that it runs on Minecraft 1.19 snapshots, but with the 1.19 update less than two weeks away, players can soon easily get involved.

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