5 best Minecraft texture packs for mobs in 2022

The Mythic texture pack (Image via Planet Minecraft)
The Mythic texture pack (Image via Planet Minecraft)

Minecraft has had the same look and feel since it was introduced in 2009. That has been intentional, as Mojang does not really concern itself with modern graphics like other big games do. They make the game how they want, which is a big reason it's one of the best-selling video games of all time.

However, now and then, Minecraft players might want a bit of variety. The texture pack is the easiest way to spice up the game without changing it drastically like a mod can.

Minecraft texture packs usually affect all aspects of the game, but here are a few examples of packs that especially affect mobs.

Minecraft texture packs that make mobs look a lot better

5) Adventure Time Craft


This texture pack will take some getting used to for longtime players as it is a pretty drastic departure from the original texture. Still, it is a fun texture pack that is reminiscent of its namesake, the hit television show Adventure Time. The mobs here are very different, but that is often what gamers are looking for in a new texture pack.

Everything looks more whimsical and fun, so aside from the mob textures, this is just an all-around quality texture pack. Adventure Time is an incredibly popular show, so the texture pack is, too. There are plenty of themed texture packs like this, but this one is one of the better ones.

4) Dandelion X


Dandelion X is one of the best texture packs available. Everything is smoothed over, which is a welcome change from the vanilla texture. This applies to mobs too, so they aren't drastically different from their original looks.

The colors also change, which makes everything look more unique. For a change that is enough to make a difference but not enough to confuse players on what mobs look like, Dandelion X is the way to go.

3) Sphax PureBDCraft

Sphax Purebdcraft texture pack (Image via
Sphax Purebdcraft texture pack (Image via

This is one of the best texture packs for Minecraft mobs for one simple reason: the faces. Mobs are given much better faces along with a redesign that leaves them looking a little more like a modern video game. They are sleek and look a little more enjoyable than the standard texture.

Going beyond the mobs, this is a popular texture pack for many reasons. The tools, trees, food items and so much more all look spectacular here. It's close enough that it won't be confusing, but different enough to absolutely warrant a download.

2) Misa's Realistic Texture Pack


Realism is one thing Minecraft definitely does not have. This is intentional, as Mojang has decided to make a video game that mirrors real life without looking anything like it. It is a video game and the developers are not interested in world-shattering graphics.

Sometimes, though, players want things to look more realistic, which is where an exceptional texture pack like Misa's Realistic Texture Pack comes into play. It makes everything look hyper-realistic, which can be a total game changer.

1) Mythic


Mythic is one of the best texture packs for a wide variety of reasons. The textures are a little more menacing for some mobs, like Pillagers and Vindicators, and it is not as bad for others, like pandas and parrots. Either way, every Minecraft mob receives an upgrade in the texture department from this pack.

Fortunately, there's a lot more to love in this pack than just the mob textures, which is a big reason behind its popularity. Everything has a bit of a medieval feel to it, which is something a lot of Minecraft gamers love.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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