5 best plugins for Minecraft in 2022

The Dynmap plugin (Image via Bukkit)
The Dynmap plugin (Image via Bukkit)

There are so many ways to customize Minecraft in 2022. There are so many ways to change it completely, from mods and behavior packs to resource packs and texture packs. That's important for a game created in the late 2000s that is still thriving today.

Plugins are an often overlooked part of the title because they're not as cool or flashy as mods. However, they require neither a third-party client nor any extra content on the player side. They don't even technically count as a non-vanilla addition to the game.

Plugins can be used to do all sorts of things to the game and are frequently added to servers.

Plugins to try for Minecraft right now

5) Dynmap

The best part about the dynmap on the SMP is our parody of the H*llywood sign

Dynmap adds a map to the game that resembles the best of today's maps (Apple maps or Google maps). It can be integrated as easily as most other plugins, significantly benefiting users who might not have the best devices.

It can be customized to prioritize detail or performance, whichever gamers might want.

4) Clearlag

The Clearlag plugin (Image via Bukkit)
The Clearlag plugin (Image via Bukkit)

As the name suggests, this plugin was designed to eliminate lag for servers. Lag is frustrating as it is, but it can be a death sentence for a server that struggles with it.

Fortunately, Clearlag is one of the most effective plugins available. The command /lagg clear will help reduce it, if not eliminate it entirely.

3) Factions

The Factions plugin (Image via Spigot)
The Factions plugin (Image via Spigot)

Factions is one of the best modes to play on Minecraft servers. With this plugin, gamers can rest assured that their version of that mode will be top-notch.

It serves as an anti-griefing system and emphasizes PvP and land control. These are three huge factors for Factions servers to consider.

2) SilkSpawners

The SilkSpawners plugin (Image via Bukkit)
The SilkSpawners plugin (Image via Bukkit)

One of the biggest frustrations with vanilla Minecraft is that monster spawners cannot be moved. They're excellent sources of XP, but nobody wants to have to go all the way underground for them.

With this plugin, Silk Touch pickaxes will work on spawners and drop the item when mined. It's a small but hugely influential change to the game.

1) WorldGuard

Anyone out there any good with setting up #WorldGuard with permissions on a server? if so #HELP #Minecraft #Server #Plugin #HelpWanted

One of the best plugins of all time has to be WorldGuard. It is the perfect anti-griefing plugin and allows players to section off and guard their areas of land.

It also has the distinct advantage of being one of the oldest plugins for Minecraft. It's been able to grow and evolve right alongside the game over the past decade.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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