5 best resources to farm in Minecraft Skyblock

Skyblock Minecraft gamemode teaches players how the survive with limited resources (Image via CurseForge)
Skyblock Minecraft gamemode teaches players how the survive with limited resources (Image via CurseForge)

Minecraft Skyblock is one of the most famous custom game modes available for the sandbox title. When players spawn in a usual vanilla world, they have an unlimited supply of resources due to a near-endless world map. They can keep walking and mining to their heart's content and find loads of items and blocks. However, Skyblock takes things to the other extreme.

Upon entering the world, players will spawn on a tiny island suspended in the air with only a tree and a chest containing a few items in it. They will have to survive with these limited resources. On progressing further, they will be able to create farms that will yield loads of important items. Here are some of the most important resources players must farm in Skyblock.

Top 5 resources to farm in Minecraft Skyblock

5) Iron


Whether it's a normal world or a Skyblock, players will always need iron in order to craft all kinds of blocks and items. Usually, one can mine iron ore to obtain raw iron, which can then be converted into iron ingots. However, in the above-mentioned world, one of the best ways to obtain this earth metal is by making an iron farm with the help of Iron Golems.

Villagers will be triggered by Zombies and will constantly create Iron Golems. The latter will get mad at the Zombie but won't be able to reach it. Instead, they will fall into a lava pit and die, dropping iron ingots, which will be collected through hoppers and chests.

4) Vegetables


Food is another essential part of survival in any Minecraft world, including Skyblock. Hence, one can create a crop farm to obtain all kinds of food items like carrots, potatoes, etc. Though creating a farm is not something a player can do right at the beginning, it will solve all the food scarcity problems.

They can create a farm high above the main Skyblock island and occupy the entirety of the island size to farm the most amount of crops. Later on, farmers can be placed to work on the farm and sugarcane can be used to obtain bonemeal. This speeds up the entire process.

3) Sugarcane


In vanilla Minecraft, sugarcane is farmed and used to create pages for books or to obtain sugar. However, sugarcane farms in Skyblock can also be used to obtain loads of it and convert them into bonemeal. This will allow players to grow trees and crops way faster than before. Furthermore, it can also be used as a fuel alternative to coal.

2) Cobblestone


One of the first items players get in the Minecraft Skyblock is a lava and water bucket. These two might not seem useful at first, but one can greatly expand their island by using the two liquids to generate cobblestone.

When flowing lava meets a source water block horizontally, it creates a cobblestone. Players can keep creating cobblestones and breaking them to obtain unlimited blocks. This way, players will always have a building block at hand.

1) Wood


Wood is arguably the most important resource in Minecraft Skyblock. Initially, only one tree is provided as a starting resource; however, players will have to create a farm in order to keep getting wood blocks. One of the best ways is to keep obtaining saplings that will help them grow more trees.

After progressing in the world, they can create a sugarcane farm that can be converted into bonemeal and used to accelerate tree growth. Wood can be used as a building block and other wooden items will be constantly needed to craft more items.

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