7 best Minecraft mob farms for XP in 2022

There are many Minecraft farms that can give players XP points (Image via Reddit/u/notatoasterforreal)
There are many Minecraft farms that can give players XP points (Image via Reddit/u/notatoasterforreal)

Many Minecraft players create farms to obtain a lot of XP points. XP or experience is a feature in the sandbox game through which players can perform several tasks like enchanting items, using anvil, and more.

Though there are many ways to get XP points, a great amount of it can be obtained by killing hostile mobs. Over the years, players have found a way to create farms specifically to get earn more experience by killing a ton of them.

Since Minecraft farms are one of the main structures that players create while progressing further in the game, there are many of them that can automatically give them XP along with other items that they need. Here are some of the best farms that can be used for such a purpose.

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Top 7 Minecraft mob farms to make for a great amount of XP

7) Wither skeletons


Wither skeletons are dangerous hostile mobs that spawn in Minecraft's Nether Fortress. They drop about 5 XP points upon death; hence, a farm can be created where players can trap these and keep killing them to obtain loads of XP.

Additionally, players will also obtain the rare wither skull that can be used to create the Wither boss mob. However, this is not the easiest farms to construct since they are quite dangerous to deal with.

6) Zombified Piglins


Players can obtain both gold and XP by creating an efficient farm in Minecraft with Zombified Piglins. It can either be created on the Nether roof or in the Nether Wastes biome where they are the most common.

Not only do they drop five to 12 XP points, but also gold nuggets and ingots that can be useful to players in the long run. However, they must be extremely careful not to hurt any Zombified Piglin outside the farm.

5) Wither XP farm


When players have finished the game and are simply playing and collecting loads of items to further expand and strengthen themselves, they can create a Wither farm in the End realm underneath the Bedrock fountain.

The Wither boss mob drops 50 XP points upon death and is the only source for Nether stars, an item that is used to create beacons. Players can simultaneously use the Wither skeleton and Wither boss mob farms.

4) Blaze XP farm


Blazes are the second hostile mob that spawn in the Nether Fortress. These only spawn in the world through a spawner block; hence, players can easily create a Minecraft farm around them.

These fiery mobs drop 10 XP points and blaze rods that are extremely important for players. This is one of the best mobs to farm, especially for XP.

3) Common mob XP farm


Regular hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, creepers and spiders are the most common in the Overworld realm in Minecraft.

Hence, a farm can be created almost anywhere by simply creating a chamber with zero light level and a killing room where they can be finished by players. Not only will it yield a lot of different mob loot, but it is also one of the simplest XP farms to construct.

2) Spawner XP farm


There are several spawner blocks in the Overworld realm that spawn either zombies, skeletons, or spiders. They can be easily used to create a Minecraft XP farm around since players can trap these hostile mobs and kill them easily.

Dungeons are the best structures where players can find spawner blocks to construct the farm much more easily.

1) Enderman XP farm


An Enderman farm is arguably the best option for XP points. They are mysterious creatures that spawn the most in the End realm. Hence, many players have created one in the End realm to not only get XP but to obtain an infinite number of ender pearls as well.

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