5 best seeds for survival world in Minecraft 1.19 PE update

Survival Minecraft includes tons of farming and mining (Image via Minecraft)
Survival Minecraft includes tons of farming and mining (Image via Minecraft)

Each Minecraft world is assigned a specific seed at the time it is generated. A world seed is usually composed of a string of letters or numbers. Seeds made up of alphabetical letters are usually found to be from the game’s various Bedrock Edition platforms like consoles or Switch.

While some players prefer to play on randomized worlds with pre-determined seeds, others tend to use these seeds to help identify a particular Minecraft world to play on. This is usually due to some specific features that a seed generates.


Minecraft’s Pocket Edition is another one of these platforms, which is primarily focused on Android and iOS devices. While it has since been integrated into the game’s Bedrock Edition, it is still used as the primary term to refer to the game’s mobile versions.

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Minecraft PE: 5 survival seeds that players should try out in The Wild Update

1) Village and ruined portal (Seed: 2817812104517329397)

This seed has a savanna village and a ruined portal close to spawn. The portal is nearly complete, with only one piece of obsidian missing from the frame. This space can be filled using one of the two obsidian blocks found inside the ruined portal’s chest by replacing the only crying obsidian block placed at a corner of the frame.

The savanna village has enough resources for players to establish a main base, along with sufficient food and good trading facilities. Additionally, players can find a large ravine between the village and the ruined portal.

2) Mangrove/savanna survival Iisland (Seed: -3175072094110996831)

This seed spawns players on a large survival island that has a ton of biomes within it. The spawn point is near a beach biome, around which players can find a large mangrove swamp biome, a large section of which is flooded.

Moving along the coast, players can subsequently find a forest biome that is situated on a mountainous terrain. Digging beneath the spawn area, players can find massive lava lakes and water lakes.

3) Open-air lush cave (Seed: 6431356215914420990)

This seed spawns players in a plains biome, right beside a ravine. It can be mined for resources like iron and coal, after which players can head 200 blocks south-west, where they will find a ruined portal next to a shipwreck.

A cold ruin can also be found in this area. However, the belle of the ball is a gigantic open-air lush cave that players can find at coordinates -1537, 80, -914.

Aside from presenting quite a sight, the cave also contains rare resources and is great for when players are hunting for exposed blocks of ores like iron and diamond ore, as some areas of the cave lead quite far down.

The cave is so big that players can even consider building a base within its confines while making sure that the area around them stays well lit.

4) Meteor crater and hollow swiss cheese terrain (Seed: -5274054287894281092)

This seed presents another example of a gigantic hollow space within the map. Players spawn in a badlands biome that extends towards the north, but is surrounded by other grassy biomes like plains, birch forest, and forest biomes. Beyond the forest to the west lies a sparse jungle biome that contains and Ancient City.

Further beyond this biome is the rarely found badlands biome. However, the hollow crater in question can be found at coordinates 691, 124, 1474, and contains a cave system generated in a hollow Swiss cheese design. Patterns like this help players find more exposed ores, while also allowing for good exits incase of danger.

5) 8 Mushroom biomes (Seed: -1884773764)

The final seed on this list is a ridiculous one. The mushroom biome is known for being one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. Well, this seed contains eight of them in a relatively small radius.


A 2000 block radius with eight mushroom biomes is as rare as it gets for players wishing to visit and establish a base within this elusive biome. As players might know, mushroom biomes do not allow hostile mobs to spawn, which can be infinitely advantageous when playing survival Minecraft.

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