5 best shaders for Minecraft 1.17 in 2022

Minecraft players can use shader packs to customize their worlds and create extremely vibrant builds (Image via JustDIAMONDS/YouTube)
Minecraft players can use shader packs to customize their worlds and create extremely vibrant builds (Image via JustDIAMONDS/YouTube)
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Players of Minecraft can make endlessly customizable worlds. In fact, if a player can imagine it, it can be built. With so many ways to create cities, castles, and even just a casual playthrough of Survival mode, players can use shaders to change the way their world looks. Some shaders can make the game feel like a completely new experience.

Here are the 5 best shaders for Minecraft 1.17.

5 of the best shaders for Minecraft 1.17 in 2022


Players can install shaders in their game very easily, and once the process is complete, players can experience the game in a whole new light. Some players may prefer to play with shaders that simply change the vanilla look to make it seem more vibrant. The good news is that shaders are easy to install and can even be removed if needed, so players should experiment to see what they enjoy.

1) Sildur's Shaders


For players looking to enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience, Sildur's Shaders is a great way to do just that. Adding dynamic lighting, bloom, ambient occlusions, and reflections takes the game up a notch while leaving the core experience untouched. Of course, players can toggle options on or off to make sure they can run it effectively.

Players should take note of the following:

  • Players will need to know this is an extension of the GLSL shader mod, which is part of Optifine.
  • Players who have lower end PCs can run this shader pack as well, as it is a lightweight shader pack, but players with high end PCs can toggle as much on as they want for some amazing effects.

Players can download Sildur's Shaders mod here.

2) Oceano Shaders


While many texture packs and shaders focus on how the world looks in Minecraft, they are usually focused on land and lighting. Many shader packs do not focus on water as much. This is where Oceano comes into play.

If a player is seeking a way to make their world's waters look fantastic, or maybe they want to build an underwater base, Oceano is a great way to make their world look great.

  • Even though it focuses on the waters, other textures have been updated to have unique textures and shading. These will still enhance all aspects of the game, even if they are focused on the ocean.
  • Players can use this shader on a lower end PC as it is not very intensive.

Players can download the Oceano Shader Pack here.

3) BSL Shader Pack


Sometimes players may want to add a little bit of realism to their world. This is where a pack like the BSL Shader pack comes into play. Changing the lighting of the world to include dynamic lighting, a new and updated skybox, and updates to shadows makes the world feel a bit more realistic.

Players will also need a bit of processing power to run this shader pack.

  • BSL Shaders is a bit more intensive on a user's PC, which means that players may need to turn down some settings in order to get it to run effectively.

Players can download the BSL Shader Pack here.

4) Lagless Shaders


Players sometimes need to find a shader to help their slower PCs run the game better. This shader helps players do just that by optimizing how the game runs to improve performance. While it's not the most visually stunning shader, it will allow players to find a faster game with higher performance and frame rates, which can be what some may need.

  • Players can combine this shader pack with other packs to help optimize them as well.

Players of Minecraft can download the Lagless Shaders mod here.

5) KUDA Shaders


KUDA Shaders can help players make their world a little bit more vibrant than the default vanilla shaders in Minecraft. Adding better lighting, bloom effects, and enhanced shadows can help enhance the experience players have inside their worlds.

The good news is that it is very customizable, so players can play around with the settings to find the best-optimized setup for the game.

  • Performance of this shader pack can be optimized for slower PCs.

Players can download the KUDA Shaders mod here.

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