5 best starter seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update

Good starter seeds can make all the difference (Image via Minecraft)
Good starter seeds can make all the difference (Image via Minecraft)

The start of each Minecraft world is nothing short of magical. Every player goes through a different experience during their first few days in the game. Some fight through their first night, some took shelter in makeshift dirt or cobblestone houses, and others manage to locate a village for resources.

However, a map's seed is one of the biggest factors that influence every action that takes place in a player’s early game adventures.


Seeds are strings of numbers or alphabetical letters that are designated to a single Minecraft map. They stay unique to the map over a specific version of the game. This article will list five seeds for good starter locations and structures, especially for The Wild Update.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinion.

Top 5 profitable seeds for the best start in Minecraft 1.19

1) Allay at spawn (-7697517329571641383)

Allays are quite uncommon (Image via Minecraft)
Allays are quite uncommon (Image via Minecraft)

This seed spawns players in a large and open plains biome. As soon as they spawn, they can witness a Pillager Outpost right adjacent to their spawn location. While these tall structures are usually considered to be quite dangerous, Minecraft 1.19 update has given them a reason to be one of the most valuable structures in the game.

The reason for this is the modification of the structure, which makes it one of the few places where the Allay, one of the four new mobs added to the game, can spawn. The allay in this seed can be found inside a cage within the boundaries of the Pillager Outpost, a mere 60 blocks away from spawn.

2) Both swamp variants merged (6705098208300174216)

Two merging swamps (Image via Minecraft)
Two merging swamps (Image via Minecraft)

This seed spawns the player in the middle of a thick and dangerous jungle biome. However, walking just a few blocks further will bring the player to the edge of the jungle. Here, players can witness the two swamp biome variants of the game at a crossroads, making this the perfect seed to compare the old and new biomes.

While the old or "regular" swamp biome remains largely unchanged, the new Mangrove swamp biome brings a ton of new features to the game. Among the new mobs it introduces are frogs, and tadpoles.

While frogs can be found in three variants, this biome usually spawns temperate or orange frogs. Aditionally, players can witness the new mud blocks, and mangrove trees as well.

3) Deep Dark with 15 Ancient Cities (2296616468809785931)

The seed with 15 Ancient Cities  (Image via Chunkbase)
The seed with 15 Ancient Cities (Image via Chunkbase)

This Minecraft seed may look somewhat simple as players spawn into it. Starting off in a birch forest biome, which is quite unpopular due to the texture of its trees and birch wood, players may assume that this seed is like any other.

However, the belle of the ball comes in the form of 15 different Ancient Cities that can be found at and around the coordinates of 1640, -40, 88. This potentially gives players fantastic amounts of loot and encourages them to explore the new biome and structure.

4) Mangrove swamp spawn (6306808076142139007)

The Mangrove biome in which the player spawns (Image via Minecraft)
The Mangrove biome in which the player spawns (Image via Minecraft)

In the case of this seed, players spawn inside a mangrove swamp biome, and there is only one variant in the vicinity. They can freely explore the new biome, take in the frogs, tadpoles, mud blocks, mangrove trees, and more.

Players attempting to play the new update’s survival mode can gather basic resources like wood and blocks from the biome’s mangrove trees. They will not be left alone due to the many frogs that they will have for company.

5) Large desert spawn (2356348494561932660)

The large desert seed (Image via Minecraft)
The large desert seed (Image via Minecraft)

This Minecraft seed is profitable for starters but may get boring as time and the player’s experience progresses. However, there is a decent chunk of valuable loot to be acquired. The seed spawns players in a desert biome that houses a gigantic village.

The village has everything they might need for basic survival (like most villages in the game). However, the highlight of the seed is the desert temple practically hugging it. Players can climb down and find some rare loot if their interest is ever peaked.

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