5 best technical Minecraft YouTubers

Technical Minecraft YouTubers (Image via Mojang)
Technical Minecraft YouTubers (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft is a lot more than just a block game. Along with the survival aspect, Minecraft also provides players with tons of technical features to play with. Many content creators prefer to explore the technical part of the game over the regular sandbox survival gameplay.

Technical Minecraft usually revolves around redstone circuits, command blocks and game-breaking farms. Some YouTubers also like to cover various plugins and mods available for Minecraft.

This article talks about some of the best technical Minecraft YouTubers. Players should definitely give them a watch if they want to build mind-blowing contraptions or get awe-struck by unbelievable creations.

Most recommended technical Minecraft YouTubers to watch

5) EagleEye621


When it comes to technical Minecraft, EagleEye621 is an underrated gem. His entire YouTube channel is centered around the technical aspects of Minecraft and features highly efficient farms, complex redstone contraptions and glitches.

Most of EagleEye621's farms are his original designs. He explains the workings of farms and why they function that way, unlike many YouTubers who only showcase build guides.

4) docm77


docm77 is a Minecraft YouTuber hailing from Germany. He is popularly known for his Hermitcraft gameplay videos. On the Hermitcraft server, everybody knows him for his complex redstone contraptions and farms.

Recently, docm77 and Rays Works came up with an excellent shulker farm design. In season 8 of Hermitcraft, docm77 is capitalizing on deepslate blocks with his extensive tunnel bore. Similarly, in most of his videos, docm77 comes up with unique technical ideas.

3) Rays Works


Rays Works is one of the oldest technical Minecraft content creators on YouTube. Many farms that players can see on YouTube are built or improved by Rays Works. He also posts videos of Minecraft snapshots, glitches, unknown features and more.

Players who want to learn more about Minecraft won't regret watching Rays Works. With 12 years of Minecraft experience, he knows almost everything about the technical side of the game.

2) gnembon


gnembon is the creator of the popular Carpet Mod and Scarpet API. He is also known for building many highly efficient farms. Many Minecraft YouTubers use gnembon's farms. His farms are more than enough to meet the needs of any player.

1) ilmango


Like gnembon, ilmango is also part of the SciCraft server, home to some of the best technical Minecrafters. ilmango creates all types of Minecraft videos, ranging from basic to advanced. Along with his long list of complex farm guides, ilmango showcases some simple farms for beginners and experienced players in Peaceful difficulty.

Those who want to learn about technical Minecraft in a survival world can check out Mumbo Jumbo, TangoTek and Xisumavoid. These hermits are also worth checking out.

Disclaimer: The list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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