5 best ways to get Lapis Lazuli in the Minecraft 1.19 update

Lapis Lazuli (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Lapis Lazuli (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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The Minecraft 1.19 update added one thing to enchanting, a new enchantment for leggings. Swift Sneak increases movement speed while crouched. Getting this specific enchantment, as well as other ones, requires Lapis Lazuli most of the time.

Enchanting remains a big part of the game, while mining, crafting, and exploring are still the three main activities. Enchantments only help facilitate these aspects of the game. Basically, having enchanted items is the best way to make the game easier and, beating it, a realistic task.

Lapis Lazuli is perhaps the most important item to have for enchanting, which makes it imperative to have it in bulk. Here are the best ways to find Lapis Lazuli.

Minecraft 1.19 players can visit these five places to find Lapis Lazuli

5) Mineshafts

Found an amethyst geode barely breaking into a Better Mineshaft!#Minecraft #YUNGGANG

Lapis Lazuli can be found in several different places. One of these places is a mineshaft. Mineshafts are very rare in Minecraft, which is why they find themselves at the bottom of this list. That said, they can still prove useful for finding the sought-after blue and enchanting resource.

In both Bedrock and Java Edition, Minecraft players can find 4-9 pieces of Lapis in a mineshaft chest. The chances of getting 4-9 pieces are 14.5%.

4) Trading

Cleric trades (Image via Mojang)
Cleric trades (Image via Mojang)

Trading is an excellent way of getting a lot of different items. For example, trading for an enchanted diamond sword is possible with late-level weaponsmiths. Clerics can even offer Bottles O'Enchanting at their master level. What many players might forget is that clerics can also give Lapis.

Apprentice-level cleric villagers will sell one Lapis Lazuli for one emerald. It's not an amazing deal, but it is a good way to get the item. Additionally, Java Edition villagers will just hand players Lapis if they have the Hero of the Village effect in use.

Finally, in Bedrock Edition, wandering traders have a small chance of engaging in a trade for three pieces of the valuable resource.

3) Village


Villages are a great source when it comes to a lot of different items. Lucky Minecraft players can get armor, emeralds, diamonds, horse armor, saddles, and so much more. Among the best items they can get in a village is Lapis Lazuli.

In both editions of Minecraft, villages carry a 25.4% chance of having up to four pieces of Lapis Lazuli. While 25.4% might not be enough to ensure the acquisition of too many pieces of the resource; however, the good thing is villages are pretty common structures.

2) Shipwreck

Interesting shipwreck (Image via Mojang)
Interesting shipwreck (Image via Mojang)

The final and best loot chest that has Lapis Lazuli is found in a shipwreck. Both Java and Bedrock Edition shipwreck chests have a whopping 61.5% chance of carrying Lapis Lazuli. It's the fourth most common item that can be found in the treasure chests there.

Moreover, not only do these chests increase the odds of getting the resource, they also increase the range. Shipwreck chests can have up to 10 pieces of Lapis.

1) Mining

ah yes lapis my favrote minecraft ore

At the end of the day, as with most Minecraft resources, the best way to find Lapis Lazuli is to go mining. Both it and redstone are easy to get when mining because each ore can drop so many items. Without any enchantments, Lapis Lazuli ores drop four to nine pieces.

With Fortune III, a single block can drop an insane 36 of them. Just two ores could yield nearly a full stack of Lapis. It's also a fairly common type of ore that is found deep underground, so mining is absolutely the way to go.

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