5 facts you likely didn't know about Minecraft Streamer Ph1LzA

Ph1LzA is considered to be the "dad" of the Minecraft YouTube community (Image via Ph1LzA on Twitter)
Ph1LzA is considered to be the "dad" of the Minecraft YouTube community (Image via Ph1LzA on Twitter)
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Phil Watson, or Ph1LzA, is an English Minecraft YouTuber who is best known for being a member of Sleepy Bois Inc. โ€” alongside Technoblade, TommyInnit, and Wilbur Soot โ€” and the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP). Phil is also quite popular and admired for his expertise in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

Phil has been uploading content on his main channel since its creation on September 14, 2006. The videos on his main channel mostly see him messing around and experimenting with many of the new snapshots for Minecraft. He also tours many of the worlds in Hardcore Mode.

Lately, he's been experimenting with uploading vlogs. His latest is a vlog featuring him and his wife Kristin flying across a pond to attend a wedding in America. Phil's also often found in other content creators' vlogs and videos. Some of these creators are Tommy "TommyInnit," Will "Wilbur Soot," Toby "Tubbo," and Ranboo.

There is much to know about a long-time content creator like Ph1LzA, and in this article, we'll count down five trivia facts about him.

5 fun facts about Ph1LzA's old career, Minecraft skin, and more

5) Ph1LzA's in-game skin is inspired by Bleach


Many fans can recognize the streamer just by his skin in Minecraft. It's stayed the same for years; a blonde character with a white and green bucket hat. That said, many fans don't realize that the character is actually inspired by the anime, Bleach.

When asked about his skin on-stream, Phil stated:

"It's me dressing up as him [Kisuke Urahara], yes! Get f**ked on, nerd. It's like the same energy as when people find out that EthosLab is just a f**cking Kakashi skin."

4) Ph1LzA is the shortest member of Sleepy Bois Inc.


Although there has never been a real-life video featuring all four members of Sleepy Bois Inc., their heights are public knowledge. TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot are known for being very tall, 6'3" and 6'5", respectively. And although Technoblade remains faceless, he's stated that he stands at a generous 6'2".

Phil, however, is only 5'11", compared to the other three members of SBI. He's the only member to measure less than six feet tall.

3) Ph1LzA shares birthday with Sapnap


Phil shares his birthday with a well-known member of the Dream Team, Nick "Sapnap." They were both born on March 1.

That said, Phil was born years before Sapnap in 1988, making him currently 34 years old. On the other hand, the latter was born much later, in 2001, making him currently only 21 years of age.

2) Ph1LzA used to be a bat hunter


Phil used to have a seasonal job as a bat hunter well before he shifted his career over to streaming Minecraft. While on stream with Ranboo, he spoke in-depth about his experience being a bat hunter and why this job is so important in the UK.

The job title "bat hunter" makes it sound like he was killing bats; in reality, however, what he did was quite the opposite of that. Phil would use a bat box to determine if bats were coming from the inside of a particular building.

Phil stated that his friend got him into the job back in the day and described it as "so strange."

He explained to Ranboo why this job of bat hunting is so important in the UK:

"Basically, Ranboo, we have a lot of laws in the UK that protect certain animals from getting f**cked up by buildings, and bats are one of those protected species. So if you need to do any sort of construction work on any building, for the most part, you need to get what's pretty much called a 'bat survey,' or a 'nature survey,' done by professionals."

He went on,

"It's to certify that... like, there's bats in this area but they're not coming out of the building that they need to work on, so... pog. But if they are coming out of that building, then they have to go in there with special equipment to move their little home safely to a new area. It's so weird."

1) Ph1LzA has talked to Ranboo's parents


Back in March 2021, Ranboo had reached a subgoal where Phil was going to order him food. Unfortunately, Ranboo wasn't allowed to order food or eat it in his room, so he was afraid of being subjected to some form of punishment from his parents because of the subgoal.

Phil promised that he would talk to Ranboo's parents to explain the situation, and according to the former, it went really well. He claimed that Ranboo's parents were "super, super nice" and "found the situation hilarious."

In the end, his parents were supportive of the idea and eased up on their rules to allow Ranboo to enjoy the food.

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