Sapnap's 5 best moments in the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

Sapnap is one of the most talented competitors in the Minecraft Championships (Image via Sapnap)
Sapnap is one of the most talented competitors in the Minecraft Championships (Image via Sapnap)

Nick "Sapnap," is a prominent face in the Minecraft community, and players also know him from the Minecraft Championships. This reputation isn't for nothing, as the young competitor has amassed six total wins over the course of the canon and non-canon championships he's participated in.

The Minecraft Championships, or MCC, are a series of events that take place on a monthly basis and are coordinated and held through the combined efforts of The Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor." The event consists of ten teams made up of four players that compete in a series of nine minigames designed to test a variety of skills.

The minigames can involve player-versus-player combat, in-game building, or parkour. Or the focus can be more general, such as puzzle-solving or teamwork.

Sapnap has become infamous for being multi-talented in a variety of different areas that the event focuses on. He's one of two competitors to have won five canon Minecraft Championships (the other being Liam "HBomb94").

He's also been the only competitor to win four consecutive events, these being: MCC 18, MCC All-Stars, MCC 19, and MCC 20.

Needless to say, he's a strong teammate and a fearsome opponent to watch out for in any minigame. Here are five of Sapnap's most mind-blowing plays throughout the Minecraft Championships.

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5 of Sapnap's most impressive plays in the Minecraft Championships

5) MCC 9 Sky Battle


Sapnap might be a member of the tight-knit Dream Team, consisting of GeorgeNotFound and Dream; however, the skilled fighter has proven that, despite their friendship, he'll show no mercy on the battlefield. And this is what happened during a round of Sky Battle in Minecraft Championship 9.

Dream, on Team Lime Llamas, approached Sapnap and his own team during Sky Battle. What ensued was bloodshed as Sapnap proceeded to take out every single member of Team Lime Llamas. The only member of the team who (ironically) wasn't killed by Sapnap was Dream.

4) MCC 13 Battle Box


Sapnap is a force to be reckoned with in one of his strongest minigames, Battle Box. During the holiday-themed event, Minecraft Championship 13, Sapnap, alongside Team Coral Carollers, won all nine rounds of Battle Box.

Winning all nine rounds of the heavily combat-oriented minigame is no easy feat. It's a victory that this particular competitor has been able to achieve twice, as not only was Sapnap able to 9/9 the map Santa's Sleigh when it was played in MCC 13, but he was also able to do it during MCC 19.

3) MCC 14 Dodgebolt


It takes an insane amount of control over movement, prediction, and the ability to aim for a single competitor to take out an entire team in Dodgebolt. Sapnap, playing for Team Blue Bats, was one of the two members of his team left in a round that would secure the win for their opponents, Team Aqua Axolotls.

With nothing but quick precision and skill, Sapnap was able to take out all four members of Team Aqua Axolotls. Although his team lost in the end, no participant or spectator will ever forget watching all four members of Team Aqua Axolotls get swept by Sapnap.

2) MCC 17 Survival Games


In the first three minutes of Minecraft Championship 17's Survival Games, Sapnap and his team, Team Red Rabbits, decided they were out for blood.

Sapnap amassed four kills in that time frame, eliminating TommyInnit, Captain Sparklez, KaraCorvus, and Karl Jacobs. By the end of the game, he had tacked two more kills onto the initial four, but it was the first four consecutive kills that stuck out and impressed viewers.

1) MCC All-Stars Sky Battle


Several fans of the tournament were overjoyed to see the announcement of MCC All-Stars, and even more so to see that Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, Dream, and BadBoyHalo would all be together on Team Red Rabbits.

Sapnap and his team crushed the event, providing several insane moments and clutches involving both his own team and others competing in the event. But one of the most impressive moments from the championship came from Sapnap amassing eight kills in Sky Battle.

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