Top 5 Karl Jacobs & Sapnap Minecraft Moments

(Image via Karl on Twitch)
(Image via Karl on Twitch)
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Nick "Sapnap" and Karl Jacobs have become some of the most beloved duos on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer ("SMP").

There is an abundance of duos on the widely popular server that fans adore. However, these two streamers have become one of the revered fan favorites. After their first surprise meet-up around March 28th, 2021 their legacy as a fan-favorite pair has only spiraled upwards.

The two have collaborated on quite a few videos, and are often seen streaming with one another alongside their mutual friend group.

In this article, we'll count down the five best friendship moments between Karl Jacobs and Sapnap.

Disclaimer: This article contains the author's views. It is up to the reader to decide which moments they would rank on their own version of this list.

Top 5 best friendship moments between Karl Jacobs & Sapnap

#5: "The wedding is happening!"


Karl is known for his quarrels with Alex "Quackity" over the former's close bond with Sapnap. This instance is no different, as Quackity asks if the "wedding" between him and Sapnap is still happening.

Karl tells Quackity that it isn't but then asks him to deafen himself in the voice chat so he can talk to Alastair "Eret" in private. There he tells Eret that the wedding is absolutely happening and that everyone except Quackity is invited.

Their faux love triangle is revered, but it seems Quackity gets a bit jealous of Sapnap and Karl's triumphant bromance at times.

#4: Karl & Sapnap fight mobs for each other


These two are no strangers to random displays of affection. In this instance, Sapnap jumps down from a ledge to save Karl from a skeleton pursuing him from behind.

After slaying the boney beast, Sapnap turns to Karl and claims he killed the skeleton "for him," and innocently asks if the latter liked it.

When Karl sees a zombie approaching Sapnap from behind, he launches into combat with the sentiment:

"Watch! I'll do this one for you now!"

#3: Sapnap fights Punz over Karl


While Luke "Punz" and Karl are doing some interior designing on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer ("SMP"), Karl comments about how he has "all the boys simping for him."

Punz defends himself, saying:

"I'm not simping though!"

Karl bluntly retaliates, "You really are and you might just not know it yet."

Sapnap suddenly joins the server, immediately typing in chat:

"Punz one thing. Stay away from my man, bitch."

Sapnap leaves the game again, and Karl chuckles before saying, "Yeah, stay away from me!"

Punz then corners Karl in his house and states, "But I'm right here!"

Sapnap, jealous in the blink of an eye, re-joins the server and starts chasing after Punz. Sapnap wasn't as successful in killing the other as he had hoped, but he sure made the impression that he won't let anyone mess around with his man.

#2: Karl pretends to be Dream


During one of the pair's meet-up streams set up in Sapnap's place, he decides to start the stream with a clever bit.

Sapnap notoriously lives with the faceless creator Clay "Dream," so he began his stream alone in his office until the door behind him opened. Outside the door stood Karl, but he's just out of frame to where his body was visible sans his head.

Karl enters the room while exclaiming:

"Oh no! Are you recording? It's me, Dream. I play football."

Sapnap tries to usher him out to "protect his identity," but Karl continues to stand in the back of the room impersonating Dream.

#1: Sapnap's valentine


As Sapnap streams with Punz, the latter jokingly asks if he can get gifted subs. Sapnap responds stating that the only thing he can get from him is a gifted kiss.

Punz replies:

"It's not even the 14th [of February] yet!"

Sapnap quickly shoots him down and reassures him that Karl will be his valentine this year:

"I don't know where you got this idea that you're gonna be my valentine when I clearly have Karl. Punz, it's like... he's my fiance I don't know what you're expecting."

Punz replies with a somber, "I understand. I get it, I get it."

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