5 Things players didn't know about item frames in Minecraft

Item frame illustration (Image via
Item frame illustration (Image via
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Item frames are a popular decoration in Minecraft. This item is very useful for showing off rare items and other customizable decorations.

Item frames are easy to create, all the player needs are eight sticks and one piece of leather. Item frames have been used in Minecraft for many years now, they can display map arts, decorate houses, and even contain secret entrances to bases. But there's a lot that players may not know about this non-block entity in Minecraft. Here is a list of 5 things that players should know about item frames.

5 Things players may not know about item frames in Minecraft

#1 - Glow Item Frame

Glowing item frame (Image via Minecraft)
Glowing item frame (Image via Minecraft)

Most players are unaware of the latest update to item frames in Minecraft. For years item frames have remained static items. They only display the items the player puts inside of the frame.

With Minecraft Java Edition 1.17 though, the developers are adding in glowing item frames. This means both the item frame and the item inside of the frame will be illuminated in the dark.

The way players can make this new glowing item frame is by combining an item frame with a glowing ink sac. Glowing ink sacs are also a new feature added to Minecraft in the 1.17 update.

#2 - Map walls

Minecraft map art (Image via
Minecraft map art (Image via

One of the best and most satisfying uses for item frames is to fill them with maps. To complete this major map art, players must collect different maps and travel around their Minecraft world to complete one.

Oftentimes players will create large builds seen from Minecraft space to fill up a few of their maps. They then place these map artworks in a certain structure in their item frames.

These map pieces create great decorations for a base or house, regardless of if the player created a lot of structures for the piece or not.

#3 - Rotating

Rotating items (Image via Reddit)
Rotating items (Image via Reddit)

One of the best things about item frames is that players have the ability to rotate items in the frame once they've placed them inside. Players have the option to orient their items to a few degrees with each click of the mouse.

These rotations can also be attached to a Redstone contraption and can be used to open secret doors or flip switches in Minecraft. This is one of the stealthiest ways for players to hide their base in Minecraft.

#4 - How the item frame came to be

Large Minecraft item frame wall (Image via webframes)
Large Minecraft item frame wall (Image via webframes)

Item frames were not an idea thought of by Minecraft developers. Similar to ender chests and flower pots, item frames were added to Minecraft through the Minecraft fan base.

The item frame was just a popular suggestion to add into Minecraft on Reddit. Somehow the game developers noticed this idea and decided it should be added into Minecraft. The item frame was then added to the 1.4.2 Minecraft Java Edition update.

#5 - Interactions with other non-block entities

Item frame next to pressure plate (Image via Reddit)
Item frame next to pressure plate (Image via Reddit)

Players may be surprised to learn that item frames can interact with other non-block entities. Basically, this means if the player has a corner, they can place an item frame on all sides even if the item frames are touching each other.

Other non-block entities like ladders, torches, and paintings don't work this way and must be placed a block apart from each other in corners.

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