6 best Bedrock seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update

Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
Wild Update (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft 1.19 has been a huge hit so far. All the new features like the Warden, Allays, frogs, Mangrove Swamp biomes, Ancient Cities, and more have been very popular additions. While the 1.18 update was quite underwhelming, the Wild Update seems to have been a success so far. It's early, but the returns are good.

There are two key additions that might be a little difficult to come by. Mangrove Swamps (which hold several other additions) cannot be located with a command. The same can be said for the Deep Dark.

For this reason, many players seek out seeds for worlds. They also use them to find villages, Woodland mansions, and other things that are easily accessible. Now that the game has been updated to 1.19, there are new good seeds. Here are a few examples.

Great seeds to try in Minecraft 1.19

6) Seed: -2363055906115447481

Desert biome (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Desert biome (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

This seed spawns gamers in a desert, which is normally not very beneficial. There are no trees, and the blocks are affected by gravity. However, this seed has two villages right beside spawn. That's great, but it gets better. Nearby is a third village. The village has a Pillager Outpost near it, which makes it perfect for doing raids over and over again.

The cherry on top is that this particular outpost has an Allay cage, so players can immediately try out one of the new mobs.

5) Seed: 743444956032916314

This is the cursed minecraft seed in 1.19seed 743444956032916314coordinates -3662 62 591

This seed is one of the more unique ones in the game. Every once in a while, Minecraft worlds will generate with strange features. Sometimes this is a random biome combination; other times, it's a structure that appears out of place and incorrect.

This seed features the latter. At coordinates -3662, 62, 591, players will find a shipwreck on the ice. This is strange on its own as shipwrecks rarely spawn above the water, and when they do, they're not on the ice. This shipwreck appears to be sideways, too.

4) Seed: 2837031034737048010

Dripstone cave (Image via Mojang)
Dripstone cave (Image via Mojang)

Dripstone caves, Ancient Cities, and mineshafts are among the top destinations for miners. These caves are some of the best biomes and structures, so players want to find them. It's rare for them to be so close to each other, which is exactly what this seed offers.

At coordinates -999, -39, 28, an Ancient City has a dripstone cave and a mineshaft right near it.

3) Seed: -457009213479927390

Ancient City (Image via Mojang)
Ancient City (Image via Mojang)

Ancient Cities are a rare structure in 1.19. Minecraft players who find a Deep Dark are lucky, and most of them don't have an Ancient City. Ancient Cities are hard to find, which is why a good seed for them is useful. This seed has 10 Ancient Cities in a thousand-block radius, so it's one of the best overall. The closest one is found at -307, 63, 210.

2) Seed: -3438917895862152127

Woodland mansion (Image via Mojang)
Woodland mansion (Image via Mojang)

Woodland Mansions are the best place to find Allays in Minecraft 1.19. They can spawn at Pillager Outposts, but that's very rare. Mansions have many more of them, so finding a mansion is the best bet, but that's usually quite difficult. This seed has one right near spawn, which removes the initial problem. The Woodland Mansion here can be found at 240, 70, -846.

1) Seed: -6709148406763899126

here's the 1.19 seed I'll be playing on later today! guess what's underneath??? #TheWildUpdate

This seed features an incredible spawn. Players are found near a village, which is always good. However, this village also has a Woodland Mansion right beside it. Those are among the most difficult to find and the rarest structures in Minecraft. Finding one immediately is an incredibly rare feat.

Even better is the fact that below this village is the stronghold, which is probably the rarest Minecraft structure overall.

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