All types of capes in Minecraft and how to get them

An Optifine cape design (Image via
An Optifine cape design (Image via
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Capes are items in Minecraft that are mostly released to commemorate certain events and for use as cosmetic items in the game. They act as an additional item, along with the player’s in-game skin. Wearing a cape can also change the appearance of an elytra when equipped.

Many players become attached to their capes, considering them a part of their identity in the game. Also, the customization of capes is an exciting feature that many players look forward to. This article will talk about the different types of capes released for the game.

Capes in Minecraft: How to obtain each one in the game


More than 60 capes have been officially released for the game, with countless more being developed by modders and players on their own. The following list will showcase some notable capes that can currently be obtained by the player.

Java Edition capes


1) Mojang capes


This collection includes three different capes. These capes were primarily designed for Mojang staff, and each is owned by a few members of the company’s staff. Two of the capes, the Classic Mojang cap and the Mojang Cape, have now been discontinued. The Mojang Studios cape is still in use by Mojang employees.

2) MINECON capes


MINECON was the name previously given to what is now called Minecraft Live. This cape was given to people who registered to attend the event every year, implying that each year had a different MINECON cape.

Six different capes were released and given out to people who attended the event from 2011 to 2016, after which the event would be held in the form of a livestream (2017 onwards). This makes these capes unobtainable as of now.

3) Minecraft Festival capes


Minecraft Festival is a physical convention that will be held in Orlando, Florida in late 2022. The Minecraft Festival cape will be given to players who attend the event in person, thereby witnessing the return of the old “attendees receiving capes” method.

4) Personal capes


These capes are given to specific players who have achieved notable feats in relation to the game. This category includes eight capes that were personalized to be given out to players who reached certain milestones within the game’s development and other areas. A few notable examples are:

  • Millionth Customer cape: A cape awarded to player akronman1 for buying the one-millionth copy of Minecraft.
  • Prismarine cape: Awarded to player Drullkus for recreating the game’s prismarine block, which can be used in his mod, named the Chisel mod.
  • Birthday cape: Giievn to Mojang employee and player Gr8Bizzo , the leader of the team that works at

5) Other capes


This category includes capes that were given out as part of the many competitions organized by Mojang. This includes winners of competitions like map-making, level design, bug tracking, other tournaments, and more.

  • Cobalt cape: Given to the winners of a level-making competition.
  • Mojira Moderator cape: Given to bug tracker moderators.
  • Realms MapMaker cape: Given to the winners of a map-making competition.
  • Turtle cape: Given to player billyK_ for hisidea that suggested turtles be added into the game.
  • Migrator cape: Given to all players who bought their copy of the game before December 2020 and have migrated their Mojang account to a Microsoft account.

Bedrock Edition Capes


1) Character creator capes


These are the three capes that are available on the Minecraft Marketplace to be purchased. These capes are part of the promotion for the character creator option, which is a Bedrock-only feature that allows players to customize their skins with cosmetic items.

  • (MINECON Live 2019) Founder's Cape
  • The Pan Cape!
  • Mojang Studios Cape

2) Skin Pack capes


These caps are part of the various skin packs which can be bought as part of the Bedrock Edition of the game.

  • Ender Dragon Wings cape
  • Devil's cape
  • Dracula's cape
  • Evil Wizard's cape
  • Bride of Frankenstein's cape
  • The Grim Reaper's cape
  • Wicked Witch's cape
  • Maman Brigitte's cape
  • Male Spartan's cape
  • Female Spartan's cape
  • Padmé Amidala's cape
  • Palpatine's cape
  • Count Dooku's cape
  • General Grievous's cape
  • Boss Nass's cape
  • Jens's cape
  • Halo Drone's cape
  • Arabian's cape
  • Maori's cape
  • Huntress Wizard's cape
  • Skyrim Vampire Lord's cape
  • Mas Amedda's cape
  • Poggle the Lesser's cape
  • Lando Calrissian's cape
  • Skyrim Nazir's cape

3) Xbox 360 Avatar capes


This collection includes six capes that are currently available for Xbox players as a cosmetic item for their avatar skin. All six can be purchased from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

  • 1st Birthday cape
  • Minecon 2011 cape
  • Minecon 2012 cape
  • Minecon 2013 cape
  • Minecon 2015 cape
  • Minecraft cape

Over the years, Minecraft has been through a ton of different events and celebrations. Coupled with a regular flow of new cosmetic items from players and developers all over the world, the game has a ton of customization capabilities.

Players can choose from the thousands of character skins that are available on websites like minecraftskins and namemc. Aside from skins, in-game items also receive event-based cosmetic changes like chests being turned into presents on Christmas.

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