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BadBoyHalo: The family friendly Minecraft streamer and YouTuber

BadBoyHalo surrounded by Creepers in Minecraft. (Image via BadBoyHalo/YouTube)
BadBoyHalo surrounded by Creepers in Minecraft. (Image via BadBoyHalo/YouTube)
Modified 07 Jan 2021

Darryl "BadBoyHalo" Noveschosch is a family friendly Minecraft Streamer and YouTuber that produces similar content to other top Minecraft content creators.

With so many great Minecraft content creators on YouTube and Twitch these days, it can be difficult for individuals to find the right one for them. Luckily, there is an individual who produces some of the most popular types of Minecraft content, but also endeavors to be family friendly.

BadBoyHalo produces popular Minecraft content such as in-game challenges, puzzles, trolling videos, Bedwars, and is even featured in the content of other top Minecraft YouTubers such as Skeppy and Dream.

The best part though, is that BabBoyHalo makes a concerted effort to not swear while he is playing Minecraft. Minecraft fans would be hard-pressed to find another Minecraft content creator who is affiliated with the Dream SMP and produces such fantastic content, that makes the same level of effort.

This article will be breaking down why it would be a fitting choice to chose to watch BadBoyHalo's content for those looking for a family friendly Minecraft Streamer and YouTuber.

Disclaimer: This article is the sole opinion of the author and was written without external influence or incentive. It is just a simple opinion, nothing more nothing less.

BadBoyHalo: The family friendly Minecraft Streamer and YouTuber


Minecraft by it's very nature is one of the most family friendly video games on the market today, possessing an ESRB rating that signifies that the game is appropriate for children ages 10 and up.

This is likely due to the fact that the game does include some violence against fantasy creatures, but on the positive side there is no blood or gore. Players can even play the game on creative or peaceful modes, in order to remove almost all aspects of violence from the game.

At it's heart though, the focus of the game can be on building and creativity, rather than defeating mobs or engaging in PvP combat. With the help of parental controls, Minecraft can become the ideal game for children across a wide spectrum of ages.

However, the world of videos games have evolved in recent years. Not only do people enjoy playing games, but more and more people are deciding to watch others play games as a form of entertainment instead.

It is a lot harder for parents, and anyone for that matter, to control the actions of someone outside of their sphere of influence.

Since BadBoyHalo endeavors to be family friendly and, with Minecraft an appropriate game for kids, they create a winning combination into an ideal family friendly YouTuber and steamer.


BadBoyHalo is also heavily prevalent in the content produced by other top Minecraft YouTubers such as Dream and Skeppy. As an example, BadBoyHalo is one of the hunters in some of Dream's beloved manhunt videos.

Fun fact, BadBoyHalo is actually a fairly longtime friend of Dream's and was even featured in some of Dream's oldest videos.

As an added bonus, is BadBoyHalo's own public Minecraft server, and fans who chose to play on it do have the potential to run into BadBoyHalo himself.

In lieu of swearing, BadBoyHalo as a tendency to use the word muffin or muffinhead to communicate his frustration with an occurrence or person. Overall, it's harmless and honestly adds character to his personality and humor.

He even has the habit of rebuking and saying "language" to the people he is playing with when they swear.

Viral moments of his include shaving his head for a $10,000 donation and winning the same amount of money alongside Skeppy in a Minecraft Monday. These moments are as hilarious as they are fun, and a video that recaps one of these moments has been included in this article.

As with most Minecraft content, there is a degree of fighting that occurs, but the fighting in Minecraft is designed to be free of blood and gore.

Not everyone is perfect, and a quick google and search can find that BadBoyHalo has slipped up with his self-censoring a couple times. However as a whole, he is mostly free from ever swearing or cursing. For the most part, he is a wholesome person and generally puts a smile on the faces of viewers.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 00:33 IST
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