7 best Minecraft fantasy house builds in 2023

Fantasy houses are awe-inspiring builds in Minecraft (Image via Youtube/SheraNom)
Fantasy houses are awe-inspiring builds in Minecraft (Image via Youtube/SheraNom)

Players of the well-known video game Minecraft can build whatever they can think of due to the vast amount of options present. The builds that can be completed are almost endless, ranging from modest wooden hovels to opulent castles and even entire cities. Building is a fun and creative activity that can be done by yourself or with friends on a multiplayer server. The seven top Minecraft fantasy home constructions for 2023 are covered in this post.

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7 best fantasy house builds for your Minecraft world

1) Crystal Fantasy House


The Crystal Fantasy House is an artistic masterpiece, where the entire house is made of different purple blocks to make it look simply marvelous. The build has intricate, detailed patterns that add character and texture to the structure. The house has multiple levels, including enough area for a spacious living room, a kitchen, two bwedrooms, and a bathroom. Making this build simply amazing for anyone who enjoys playing roleplay servers.

The purple blocks used in the build stand out, creating an enchanting display. It displays the ingenuity and creativity that can be attained when players take on the challenge of building with unique and distinct materials. This tutorial was created by the YouTuber MrMattRanger.

2) Large Fantasy House


The Large Fantasy House is a majestic mansion that dominates the Minecraft skyline. The grandiose structure features a huge tower, with open windows that provide stunning views of the surrounding world. The house boasts several levels packed with luxurious amenities.

The architecture of the Large Fantasy House is impressive, with detailed little additions to the whole build. It is a remarkable testament to the immense creativity and skill that Minecraft players can display, the prismarine blocks really stand out so well against the wooden outline of the house! This fantastic fantasy house was constructed by the YouTuber Lex The Builder.

3) Cherry Fantasy House


This is an extremely new fantasy house build, as it incorporates the new 1.20 update cherry blossom blocks. It looks like something straight out of a fairytale, somewhere a princess would live! If you're looking for a new build on an updated 1.20 server, this is a great choice.

This build will be a fantastic choice in anyone's survival world, especially if they're looking to make one in the new cherry blossom biome! This amazing video tutorial was made by the YouTuber MrMattRanger.

4) Unique Fantasy House


The Unique Fantasy House is a whimsical project that incorporates various Minecraft features in a cohesive, fantastic way. The build is a mixture of different blocks such as stone, wood, and grass, giving the exterior a multi-colored texture. The most amazing part of this place is the grass roof, as it's what most gives it the unique look.

This build is a small one that can be easily built by anyone, even by any experienced builder just cause of how well it is designed. This fantasy house was built by the YouTuber KoalaBuilds.

5) Fantasy House Market


The Fantasy House Market is an amazing structure that is built to look like a house, but also has the ablility to be used as a market. The market is made up of multiple interconnected rooms that have the ability to sell a variety of goods such as enchanted books, potions, and exotic ingredients.

The market's outside is decorated with leaves hanging down the sides and hanging lanterns, which adds to its charming architecture. The interior is distinctive, creating a sense of immersion. This would be a great build to make in your friends Minecraft world! The build was created by the YouTuber MassiveSpeck.

6) Beautiful Fantasy House


This is a grand and Beautiful Fantasy House built by the YouTuber NeatCraft. The house is big, but would be pretty easy to build due to how incredible and in-depth the tutorial is! The structure has multiple tiny windows throughout, and an amazing deck where you can view everything around you.

This build has tons of room for anything you'd like to build inside of it, and the house itself looks like it should be owned by someone like a wizard due to its pure beauty. The inside of the house is also extremely well decorated, and will be sure to not disappoint!

7) Fantasy Starter House


For novice builders, there is no better structure than the Fantasy Starter House. The building has a pretty well put together roof, composed of stone and wood, and has a small garden. Enough room for a comfortable living space, kitchen, bedroom, it may be a bit snug but that's always fun!

Despite being a rather modest structure, it has many sweet touches, including a tower, and hanging lanterns. For those new to Minecraft or seeking a more compact, pleasant home, the Fantasy Starter House offers a perfect starting point. The tutorial was made by the popular YouTuber Zaypixel.

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