10 best Minecraft Farms every world needs in 2023

Build these amazing Farms to make you Minecraft Experience worthwhile (Image via Mojang)
Build these amazing Farms to make you Minecraft Experience worthwhile. (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft is filled with a multitude of activities and objectives that players can enjoy. However, a majority of time is lost procuring vital ingredients and materials that can otherwise be utilized to explore the infinite world in the game. Hence, one can use a variety of farms to overcome this situation. These automatic farms enable players to collect important items that they will require, especially in large quantities.

Many of these farms may be difficult to build, but the output makes the experience rewarding. That said, here is a list of the ten best Minecraft Farms that every player needs in their world.

Note: The list present in the article is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

10 best Farms every Minecraft world needs

1) Iron Farm


Iron is one of the most important ores to have in Minecraft. It is used in tools, weaponry, armor, and many items that one can never have enough of. Therefore, an Iron Farm is one of the most essential things to have in the world.

The farm works by killing Iron golems, who drop three to five iron ingots when they die. Players must create a miniaturized village, upon which these Iron golems will spawn.

They are then channeled into a lava kill chamber, and the iron is collected via hoppers. Ensure to build this farm at least 150 blocks away from other villages.

2) Wood Farm


Wood is one of the most essential items in the game. It can be used to craft a plethora of items like trapdoors, fences, weapons, sticks, and many other crucial entities in the game. It can also be used as building blocks to construct beautiful creations.

Even though gathering wood is relatively easy, it can be time-consuming and laborious. A Wood Farm can help circumvent this by providing players with tons of wooden logs. Even though the farm building requirements are quite high, it is a good investment since the yield shall be quite rewarding.

3) Cow Farm


Food is quintessential, whether in real life or Minecraft. Getting food regularly before embarking on an adventure can be quite tedious. Therefore, a constant food source in the game is always welcome.

A Cow Farm is one of the best food farms available. With a relatively easy build, players can gather tons of cooked food and leather. Each cow drops up to one to three raw beef and zero to two leather.

These drops can be used with a sword with Looting III enchantment. Each cooked steak restores eight hunger bars and 12.8 hunger saturation.

4) Mob Farm


Minecraft is home to dozens of mobs that can be friendly, passive, and hostile. Mobs can drop essential items upon death, which can be used in crafting various other important stuff. They also drop XP orbs, which help players level up.

A Mob Farm, which fetches players with dozens of XP and about 8000 drops per hour, can help attain all these items easily. The building involves a massive structure with dark floors.

The mobs will spawn on these floors and be channeled into a kill chamber along the middle. The build cost may seem quite high, but the rewards reapable make it worthwhile.

5) Villager Trading Hall


Villagers are friendly mobs who can trade items for emeralds and vice versa. Their trades are quite sumptuous, involving enchanted books, diamond armor, potions, and much more. The villagers are also classified based on professions, which decide what items they will trade with players.

A Villager Trading Hall ensures that players have all the villagers with different professions at their disposal. This enables players to collect all the different items, along with emeralds, that the villagers have to offer.

Any villager with ineffectual items can be eliminated, and new ones can be replaced. This is a must-have build for any survival player in Minecraft.

6) Stacking Raid Farm


The Raiders of Minecraft can source tons of loot and XP points. A raid occurs when a player receives a "Bad omen" and visits a village. This spawns dozens of hostile Illagers rampaging across the Village and attacking everyone in sight.

The Illagers can drop significant loot such as emeralds, totems of undying, and much more. Therefore, a Raid Stacking Farm can be used to obtain tons of rare loot.

This farm funnels all the mobs participating in the raid into a kill chamber, from where all valuables can be collected. Players can also get "Hero of the village," drastically reducing trade prices with Villagers.

7) Gold XP Farm


Gold is an extremely valuable resource in Minecraft. Ever since the addition of the Pigling barter system and Netherite, the demand for gold in the game has always been at an all-time high.

Players can also use gold to make Golden carrots and apples, which provide them with beneficial status effects. A Gold XP Farm is an amazing way to obtain tons of Gold and XP points, as it spawns Zombified Piglins, who drop gold ingots when killed.

The massive farm kills about 54,000 Zombified Piglins and produces 1,650 gold blocks every hour. This farm needs to be built above a Nether waste biome in the Nether.

8) Fishing Farm


Fishing is one of the best ways to obtain food, XP, and rare items in Minecraft. The activity of fishing feels like a calming and soothing experience. However, following up with the process of gathering items is time-consuming.

This easy-to-build Fish Farm overcomes the irksome activity of fishing. It provides players with tons of different items and food. Players can obtain four types of fish, including puffer and tropical fish.

One can also obtain rare items such as saddles, enchanted books, and weapons from this easy-to-build and compact farm.

9) Ender Pearl XP Farm


Ender Pearls provide the power for teleportation and are also required to build the Eye of Ender, which is significant in progressing through the game. Endermen are the only entities that drop Ender pearls. An Ender Pearl XP Farm guarantees tons of Ender Pearls and XP points to players.

The farm is built in the End Dimension, which is the home to the Endermen. Each Enderman drops zero to one Ender Pearl, the chances of which can be enhanced with the Looting III sword enchantment. They also provide five XP points to players upon death.

10) Automatic Food Farm


Farming is a crucial activity that players must undertake in Minecraft to establish a continuous chain of crop collection. These crops are ideal in many aspects of the game, especially as a source of food and for animal breeding.

Farming can be cumbersome and tedious and requires a lot of time. An Automatic Food Farm helps negate these issues. It comprises seeding, growing, and collecting the crops, with all these aspects being fully automatic.

It involves using farmers to plant the seeds and a collection system to collect all the crops grown. This is a must-have farm build in one's Minecraft survival world.