Every mob that has lost Minecraft Mob Vote so far

The Iceologer lost a Mob Vote (Image via Black Plasma Studious
The Iceologer lost a Mob Vote (Image via Black Plasma Studios)

The Minecraft Live Mob Vote has occurred three times, with the fourth coming in just a few days. The Tuff Golem, Rascal, and Sniffer will face off in a revamped Mob Vote on October 14 at noon EST.

When the vote is final and the winner is announced, it will be added to Minecraft, presumably in the 1.20 update. The others, unfortunately, will be lost forever. Those that went up against the Allay, Phantom, and Glowsquid were not added and more than likely won't in the future.

When the two mobs lose, they will join a long list of other mobs that have the unfortunate distinction of losing the Mob Vote. Here is the full list.

Minecraft Mob Vote losers, including Iceologer and Glare

In 2017, the Phantom won. It defeated two mobs, one of which was the Barnacle. The Minecraft Wiki described it like this:

"The mob spawns in the Deep Ocean biome and has a large mouth that it uses to propel itself through the water. Jeb says that viewers should vote for Mob A because there is currently not a lot of content in the oceans, and it would make a good challenge for players traveling across the ocean."

Another competitor that year was the Great Hunger. It was a lizard-like creature that would sink into the ground and consume unsuspecting mobs and players. It was also going to be able to enchant or disenchant items.


The final competitor that year was the Wildfire. It was similar to the Blaze. It would spawn only in the Nether and in groups of Blazes.

In 2020, the Glowsquid defeated two challengers. The first challenger was the Iceologer. Iceologers would spawn in Mountain biomes and hurl ice blocks at players. It was the only hostile mob that year.


The other loser that year was the Moobloom. According to the Minecraft Wiki, it would do this:

"Mooblooms left a trail of yellow flowers as they walked, with each flower they plant having an 80% chance of being a dandelion, or a 20% chance of being a sunflower. Otherwise, mooblooms mostly had the same AI behavior as mooshrooms and cows. They wandered aimlessly, mooing and huffing constantly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage."

Last year, the Allay defeated the Glare and the Copper Golem. The Glare was supposed to spawn in caves and light up an area when there was a dark place for hostile mobs to spawn nearby.

Glare from the 2021 Mob Vote (Image via Mojang)
Glare from the 2021 Mob Vote (Image via Mojang)

The Copper Golem, according to the Minecraft Wiki:

"Would have been a small robot-like mob that would have been created with copper. It would have been attracted to copper buttons, which would also come with the golem had it won. According to Ulraf on Twitter, the copper golem would have the oxidation removed with either an axe, or being struck by lightning. It would also have turned into a statue at full oxidation."

Will the Tuff Golem, Rascal or Sniffer avoid the fate of these other mobs? Find out at Minecraft Live on October 15.

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