Everything you need to know about Twitch Streamer Ph1LzA's Minecraft Hardcore World record

(Image via Ph1LzA on YouTube)
(Image via Ph1LzA on YouTube)

Phil "Ph1LzA" Watson is an English Minecraft YouTuber & Twitch streamer who's known for his hardcore survival streams; including his world record for the longest single continuous hardcore world, which lasted five years. He's also known for his contributions to the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP).

Ph1LzA is mostly regarded as a solo channel, but he does collaborate with friends and fellow creators from time to time, such as Tommy "TommyInnit" Simons, Will "Wilbur Soot" Gold, Floris "Fundy, "Technoblade," and more.

He created his channel on September 14th, 2006. His content has been relatively kept to highlight reels from his streams. He mainly streams Minecraft Hardcore Survival, and occasionally partakes in streaming events, such as the Minecraft Championships or lore on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer ("SMP").

Ph1LzA's most well known feat is his knack for playing Minecraft Hardcore Survival. He's had a variety of worlds over the years, including one that he's currently working on. However, his record for the longest-running hardcore survival world remains what the community predominantly knows him for.

He has done other hardcore survival streams in the past, before his record-holding world. Ph1LzA has streamed and worked on four seasons of hardcore survival so far. The season's end is marked with his death in-game, with the past three seasons having ended, and the fourth currently still being streamed.

Ph1LzA's Minecraft Hardcore Survival World Record


Season 2 of Ph1LzA's Minecraft Hardcore Survival became the infamous record-holding world. He managed to last five years, culminating a final score of 761,246 upon his death in-game. His run ended on April 30th, 2019, because of a baby zombie with a full set of partly enchanted golden armor and a spider.


Ph1LzA was in the process of strategically fighting a horde of monsters in a cave when he jumped down from his higher ground. The now infamous baby zombie, donned in golden armor, was hiding, out of sniping range, underneath a ledge below him.

After retreating from the baby zombie when his health was low, he began to heal right as a spider came from the other end of the cave and finished him off. It was a hardcore death that left Ph1LzA devastated in the moment, lamenting;

"Really? That's how I die? Oh my god, fucking stupid... I'm fucking stupid! That baby zombie... that baby fucking zombie! Oh my god... fuck! That baby fucking zombie... look how much damage it did so fast. Oh no, this sucks! I'm fucking so sad, man."

Ph1LzA had built many expansive structures in the time he was alive on the hardcore world, such as Chaos Caverns, a structure that expands over multiple in-game realms; Ocean Monument, which was a completely renovated version of the classic ocean monument; Sky City, and End Realm.

Ph1LzA's hardcore world marked the longest run on a hardcore world to date, which has remained unbeaten. However, Ph1LzA has been streaming his current hardcore run for over two years now, so there's a possibility that Ph1LzA himself might be the one to one-up his past hardcore record in a few years' time.