5 fun ways to beat Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Minecraft players have devised plenty of ways to defeat the Ender Dragon that are quite unorthodox (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft players have devised plenty of ways to defeat the Ender Dragon that are quite unorthodox (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft players have been battling the Ender Dragon for years and have gotten quite proficient at it. They've come up with some pretty interesting ways to defeat the boss, many of which have nothing to do with the conventional tactics that are typically used. If players are bored with the usual way they beat the Ender Dragon, it may not be a bad idea to try something new.

Minecraft fans can challenge themselves to beat the Ender Dragon in a specific way. Some creative methods are more difficult than others, but they should all be good for a laugh and some fun.


If Minecraft players are hunting for a new way to defeat the Ender Dragon that could be much more entertaining, there are a few options that come to mind.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Explosive TNT minecarts and other entertaining ways to beat the Ender Dragon as of Minecraft 1.19

1) Midair combat

Traditionally, players can't get Elytra in Minecraft without defeating the Ender Dragon at least once. However, there are certain ways to get Elytra beforehand, including cheats and Creative Mode's inventory.

If players haven't used Elytra to take on the Ender Dragon fight, they certainly owe themselves to try it at least once. Soaring around and destroying the End Crystals before bringing the fight to the Ender Dragon on her own turf is incredibly fun and requires some slick flying skills. However, beating the dragon in midair can be very satisfying once the battle has ended.

2) Explosive TNT minecarts


When it comes to the type of damage that the Ender Dragon can take in vanilla Minecraft, there are only two sources that can harm it. Specifically, players can damage the dragon directly or hurt it with explosions. This opens up the possibility of using TNT minecarts to cause some problems for the mighty dragon.

Obviously, players will have to destroy the End Crystals around the arena first, but afterward, the Ender Dragon will be fully susceptible to TNT blocks. Given that players can stack multiple TNT minecarts into the same space, it's possible to create a large cluster before detonating it and heavily damaging the dragon.

3) The dragon death trap (in Java Edition)


The Ender Dragon may take to the skies quite often, but she always comes back down to perch in Minecraft. Since she comes down to perch over the exit portal, players can use the physical force of water or lava to hold the dragon in place. If the flow is forceful enough, the boss can be trapped on the exit portal, and players can quickly and easily dispatch her.

Obviously, Minecraft players will still have to keep an eye on the nearby endermen to make sure they don't try anything hostile. However, endermen also hate water and should give it a wide berth.

4) Bed explosions


Although many Minecraft fans have likely pursued this tactic before, it still remains a fun and viable option to defeat the Ender Dragon. Since beds explode when players attempt to use them outside of the Overworld, these explosions can harm the Ender Dragon quite a lot when the End Crystals have been destroyed.

In fact, beds can often kill the Ender Dragon much faster than the traditional method of using arrows or sword strikes. Once the dragon comes near the exit portal to perch, players can simply activate the beds and watch as her health bar takes a huge hit.

5) Bring in another boss


Just because the Ender Dragon usually only takes damage from players doesn't mean she can't be hurt by other entities. Specifically, players can summon another boss, like the Wither, and cause the two to battle each other.

Summoning the Wither won't be particularly easy in Survival Mode during the Ender Dragon fight, but if players are quick, they can summon the creature and fall back to safety. The two creatures should battle it out, though there's no guarantee that the Wither will win.

However, even if the Ender Dragon takes out one Wither, Minecraft players can always summon more, either with the traditional methods or by using commands and spawn eggs.