How to download the Minecraft Bedrock Beta version

The 1.19 update (Image via xisumavoid on YouTube)
The 1.19 update (Image via xisumavoid on YouTube)

This week, Mojang introduced the latest Beta and Preview for Minecraft Bedrock Edition; every week, snapshots, Betas, and Previews get released as players gear up for the official release of the 1.19 update. It's one of the most highly anticipated updates in recent memory, and if these Betas are anything to go by, the update is going to completely change the game.

This week's Beta introduces several important fixes for certain parts of the game. It doesn't add anything brand new, which means the 1.19 update is probably coming soon.

Mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)
Mangrove trees (Image via Mojang)

For interested players, here's how to download the Beta for Bedrock Edition.

How to access the latest Bedrock Edition Beta and Preview for Minecraft

For Minecraft players on Windows, here's how to access the Beta:

  1. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows store.
  2. Download the app, or skip step one and open the app if it's already installed.
  3. On the Minecraft Beta, click Join.
  4. Read the terms and conditions to ensure everything is okay and confirm to continue with the Beta.
  5. Open the Minecraft app and play on the newest Beta version.

Xbox users can do the same on the Xbox Insider app, which can be found on the Microsoft store. Similarly, Android users can visit the Minecraft page on their Google Play Store. From there, they can toggle to opt in or out.

Happy Wednesday! A new Minecraft Beta/Preview is on the way, with more #TheWildUpdate features and fixes!Read all about it here:…(PS - if you're on Windows, don't forget to switch from the beta to the Minecraft Preview!)

Mojang had this to say about the latest Beta:

"The Minecraft Beta on Windows will be retiring soon! To continue testing out new pre-release features, you will need to install the Minecraft Preview version."

This means that many players will be forced to move over to the Preview version. Here's how to do that.

The Preview app is currently available on the Xbox Store and the Xbox app for Windows devices. Windows, Xbox, and iOS users can use the app, but Mojang plans to expand to more platforms eventually.

iOS users can visit certain websites like TestFlight that contain a list of supported platforms, instructions on how to sign up, and additional information the user may need.

Lots of new fixes in today's Bedrock Beta/Preview! The new Achievements for the Wild Update are: "It spreads", "Birthday song", "With our powers combined!", and "Sneak 100"…

On Windows, as has been mentioned before, players can use the Xbox Store to get the Preview app. And as long as they have previously purchased and installed Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there should be an install button for the app. Xbox Insiders can also follow the same instructions mentioned above.

The latest Beta introduces fixes for the Warden, Ancient Cities, Allay, Mangrove Swamp biomes, and much more. The full patch notes can be found on the Mojang site.

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