How to enchant axe in Minecraft 1.19 update

A simple enchanting setup with an image of an axe overlaid (Image via Minecraft)
A simple enchanting setup with an image of an axe overlaid (Image via Minecraft)

Enchantments are the most powerful way for Minecraft players to customize their items. They can use enchantments like mending to keep their items from breaking, fortune to increase the number of resources they get, or looting to raise the odds of getting rare drops from mobs.

This means that knowing how to enchant an item properly is vital to long-term survival success.

Entire enchanting process explained for Minecraft 1.19

1) Get enchanting table

The crafting recipe for an enchanting table (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for an enchanting table (Image via Minecraft)

The first thing users will need to do is acquire an enchanting table. These tables, as the name implies, are required for them to enchant items.

To craft an enchanting table, gamers first need to find at least five diamonds. Only two diamonds are required to prepare the enchanting table. Still, the other three are necessary to make a diamond pickaxe which is required to get the obsidian needed to make the enchanting table.

Players have to either use a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine for the four needed obsidian or find the obsidian as loot.

Obsidian can be found in generic bastion chests in quantities between four and six at a rate of 24.4%. Nether fortresses and ruined portals have chests that contain between two and four and one and two obsidian, respectively, at rates of eight percent and 46.4%.

Lastly, weaponsmith chests in villages can contain between three and seven obsidian at a 25.6% chance.

The last material needed to craft an enchanting table is a single book. This requires a single leather, but due to the large number of books necessary to get to level 30 enchantments, users need a large cow farm or cow crusher set up.

2) Find lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli ore found in an abandoned mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)
Lapis lazuli ore found in an abandoned mineshaft (Image via Minecraft)

Enchanting using lapis lazuli as fuel, meaning gamers must find lapis lazuli before they can enchant. Lapis lazuli generates in chunks of size between zero and ten, from between levels -32 to 30.

It is most common at level -1 and becomes less common as players approach either end of the range.

Lapis can generate in a second batch between levels of -64 and 64. Lapis Lazuli ore in this second chunk cannot generate when exposed to air, and any ore that attempts to generate near the air will simply not.

These rules are roughly the same for Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, with the above rules being exact for Java.

3) Craft bookshelves


The next step for users to get a finalized enchanting setup is to craft the bookshelves needed to get the enchantment table to provide level 30 enchantments. This will require a decently sized sugar cane farm to produce the necessary paper and a cow farm or cow crusher to produce the leather needed to make books.

Gamers will need a total of 15 bookshelves to reach level 30 enchantments. This will require 45 books, meaning they require 45 leather. It is actually 46 leather when counting the single book needed for crafting the initial table.

4) Get XP


The final thing players will need to be able to enchant an axe is the level necessary to pay for the enchantment. They should make some kind of mob farm to farm for experience.

Users should make a general mob farm if they have not yet defeated the ender dragon. Gamers should make a dungeon farm if they have access to a dungeon.

If the dragon has been bested, an enderman XP farm should be made.

5) Axe enchantments


The axe is an interesting item in Minecraft. It has access to enchantments for both tools and weapons, making it a unique hybrid of the two.

The best enchantments gamers could put on an axe are fortune, silk touch, mending, unbreaking, sharpness, and smite.

6) Actually enchanting

Players enchanting their diamond axe (Image via Minecraft)
Players enchanting their diamond axe (Image via Minecraft)

Users must enter the enchanting table interface. They can then place the lapis lazuli into the respective slot and the axe into the item slot on the interface.

This should cause the list of enchantments on the right-hand side to update, showing three different tiers of enchantment: low level, medium level, and high level.

Gamers should then decide which available enchantment they want on their axe. If none are appealing, they can enchant a burner item or book with a single-level cost enchantment to reset the available enchantments for the axe.

Once the desired enchantment is found, readers need to click it to apply it to the axe.

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