How farming works in Minecraft

A farm filled with crops and animals in Minecraft. (Image via
A farm filled with crops and animals in Minecraft. (Image via
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There are a variety of different crops and food items in Minecraft that can be obtained on a renewable basis by farming

Minecraft is a world that is brimming with life, with tons of different fruits, vegetables, and crops that can be found growing out in the world.

Players can actually grow and harvest these crops, in order to make their own renewable source of food. Through farming, players will never have to run out of certain useful items again.

Luckily, becoming a farmer in Minecraft does not requires players to be blessed with a green thumb. Players can grow their own crops just by following a few rather straight forward steps and requirements

This article will be breaking down how farming works in Minecraft, as well as explain how players can become a farmer and start growing crops of their very own.

How farming works in Minecraft


Before Minecraft players can begin constructing the farm of their dreams, they will need to equip themselves for the job. For the majority of farming, players are going to need to get their hands on a hoe.

A hoe is one of the main tools in Minecraft, and players can specifically use this tool to till dirt into suitable farm land. A full guide on how to craft and acquire the various tools in Minecraft can be found here.

In short, a hoe can be made by combining two sticks and two pieces of appropriate resource materials at a crafting table. As an example, players can make a diamond hoe by combining two sticks and two diamonds at a crafting table.

Once players have a hoe, they are going to want to seek out a worthy area to begin constructing their farm. Players can use their hoe on dirt and grass blocks in order to convert them into farmland.

Without access to water, the farmland is going to eventually dry out and make crops grow at a far slower rate. To prevent this, players can irrigate their crops by making sure that their farmland is touching a block worth of water.

Players can transport water to their farmland by using a bucket, or create their farm next to a river or another body of water.

Crops also require light in order to grow, so there needs to be a light level of nine or higher above the plants for growth to occur.

Players do not necessarily need to use sunlight, and can construct a farm underground if enough lighting is provided by another means.

Light sources such as torches or glowstone blocks can be used for this very occasion.

Farmland in Minecraft that has been irrigated. (image via Minecraft)
Farmland in Minecraft that has been irrigated. (image via Minecraft)

Players will know if they have successfully irrigated a piece of farmland, as the farmland will turn a darker shade of brown that looks wet. It may take a few moments for all of the blocks of farmland to become fully watered.

Once farmland has been prepared, players can plant seeds that correspond to the crop that they wish to grow. A great introductory crop to start growing is wheat, which players can obtain the seeds for by breaking grass.

Wheat crops at various stages of growth in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Wheat crops at various stages of growth in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)

Once the seeds have been planted into the farmland, all that is left for players to do is to wait for their crops to grow. At least one players has to be in the chunk where the farm is located in order for the crops to grow.

In lieu of wheat seeds, players can also plant melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds. Carrots, potatoes, and other crops can also be grown on famland as well.

The next time players come across a village, they should keep their eyes peeled for the village farm plot. This can be a great way for players to acquire some initial seeds or vegetables, in order to make their very own farm.

Players can accelerate the growing process by using a piece of bonemeal on a growing crop, which will advance the crop's growth by a random number of stages.

Wheat crops fully grown in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Wheat crops fully grown in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)

Once the crop is fully grown, players can break the crop in order to receive it. Congratulations! Minecraft players now have a basic understanding of how farming works in-game.

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