How to fix Minecraft error 502

Official Minecraft poster (Image via Mojang)
Official Minecraft poster (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft is an unbelievably big sandbox game that has been around for over a decade. The game receives updates at regular intervals that add new and more innovative gameplay features, mobs, blocks, and other content, much to the delight of millions of fans.

The majority of the player base prefers it in the survival game mode, and they also have the option to play this mode on a separate server.

Every Minecraft player can vouch that the game is the most fun when played on multiplayer servers with friends. However, in a game as large as Minecraft, there are bound to be some errors occasionally.

Minecraft error 502: Causes and how to fix


Minecraft multiplayer errors can frustrate players who want to connect and play with others. These mishaps can take different forms, such as connection time-outs, inability to find a server, or lagging. The root cause of these errors can vary from internet connectivity issues, server overload, or outdated game versions.

Fortunately, the community has many resources, including forums, online guides, and support groups, where players can seek help and advice for common errors in Minecraft's multiplayer modes.

The common cause of the 502 error

The 502 Bad Gateway error is a familiar issue players encounter when connecting to a server. This error occurs when the server acting as a gateway receives an invalid response from the upstream server. The core cause of this error can vary from overloaded servers to network connectivity issues.

How to fix

Here are some of the ways to troubleshoot this frustrating issue:

1) Checking server status

Typically, the source of this recurring error stems from the server hosts rather than the user's computer. As a user, the best thing to do is check whether the servers are down or not. For many servers, this can be done from here.

The server hosting company may also announce maintenance breaks or other reasons the server is down on their official Twitter handles.

Another way to know if it is the server host's fault is by trying to connect to other servers. If users can connect to other servers without issues, the problem may be specific to the server one tries to connect to.

2) Restart your network equipment and system

In the rare event that the servers are working fine, but the user cannot connect, it could be worth checking whether the user's system has any issues. Users should test their internet connections or try restarting their routers.

Restarting their system could also be a helpful step to resolve the problem. Active VPN connections should also be disconnected, and the player should also try using a wired ethernet connection.

3) Update Minecraft

Updating Minecraft to the latest version may help fix some issues. Still, a 502 Bad Gateway error is typically not related to the game client itself but to the server or network infrastructure hosting the game.

That being said, if the issue is caused by a compatibility problem between your game client and the server, updating Minecraft may help to resolve the problem.

Keeping your game client up-to-date is always a good idea to ensure you run the latest version with any necessary bug fixes and improvements.

Wait it out

Usually, the 502 error is temporary and does not last very long. Therefore, if nothing mentioned above works for the user, they can try to wait and try again later, hoping the issue will be resolved.

Contact Mojang

Suppose none of the above steps resolve the issue and the waiting time is overtly long. In that case, one may want to contact the Support team of Microsoft dedicated to this game or the server administrator to which the connection is needed for further assistance.