How to get apples in Minecraft easily

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Modified 03 May 2021

Apples are a common food in Minecraft that restore 4 hunger.

Since the early development stages of the game, both experienced and new players consider apples as one of their favorite food items. While the nourishment value is low (grouped with potatoes, pie, and raw meats), apples are easy to get in Minecraft. Moreover, golden apples and enchanted golden apples are considered "supernatural" in their nourishment value. These items are a little more difficult to acquire, especially the enchanted golden apples.

How to easily get apples in Minecraft.

Punching/chopping down trees.

Players may notice that when they collect logs, leaves unattached to a log or other attached leaves, they'll vanish over time. This will result in the trees dropping sapplings, sticks, and even apples.

Apples can be found in chests when looting.

Apples in Minecraft can be found in chests when players are scavenging for goods.

In Minecraft (both Bedrock and Java), players have a 74.2 percent chance of finding up to 5 apples in a house chest from a village in the plains, and 59.8 percent chance at a weaponsmith's chest. There is also a very strong chance of apples being found in stronghold chests, as well as those in igloos.

Getting apples through trading

Java players can trade with an apprentice farmer to get apples. There's a 66.7 percent chance of them being available to the player. Bedrock players can also perform this trade, but at a lower probability at 50 percent.

Acquiring golden apples in Minecraft

Get a golden apple by crafting one

Players can craft a golden apple by placing the apple in the center slot of the crafting table and surrounding it with Gold Ingot.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Get a golden apple through looting

Here are the most likely places to find golden apples in Minecaft:

  • Igloo chest (100%)
  • Mineshaft chest (28.2%)
  • Desert temple chest (23.5%)

Golden apples serve the purpose of providing the player with absorption, which is a plus in battle.

How to acquire enchanted golden apples in Minecraft

There's only one way to come across this rare item in Minecraft, chest loot. Here are all the places where enchanted golden apples can be found, with the percentages representing the likelihood in Bedrock:

  • Dungeon chest (3.1%)
  • Woodland mansion chest (3.1%)
  • Desert temple chest (2.6%)
  • Ruined portal chest (1.5%)
  • Mineshaft chest (1.4%)

Here are the percentages in Java:

  • Dungeon chest (3.1%)
  • Woodland mansion chest (3.1%)
  • Desert temple chest (2.6%)
  • Ruined portal chest (1.5%)
  • Mineshaft chest (1.4%)

Moreover, Java players get to experience the perk of having a bastion treasure chest available to them. There is a 6.5 percent chance that players will find an enchanted golden apple in one.

Published 03 May 2021
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