How to get Minecraft Education Edition skins in 2022

Custom skins can be anything (Image via Minecraft Skins)
Custom skins can be anything (Image via Minecraft Skins)

In Minecraft, skins are important. It helps set players apart and gives them a sense of creativity and individuality. Playing as Steve or Alex is fine and many players don't mind it, but being able to play as an Enderman in a Suit, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Darth Vader is so much fun.

Skins come from lots of different places. There are, of course, standard skins that can be edited and added on to, but there are also skin packs available that provide players with a multitude of options.

Custom skin sites also exist and have nearly every imaginable skin available. The sheer variety and an overwhelming number of choices make these locations very popular, even in Education Edition. Here's how to get skins into this version of the game.

Using skins in Minecraft Education Edition: A complete guide


Naturally, purchased skins are available in the Education Edition. Just like a purchased pack that shows up in either Bedrock or Java, the learning-based version of the game has that capability, too.

To access these, simply open up the correct profile and navigate to skins, which should be available from the main screen. There, it can be changed, edited, and saved just like on any other version of Minecraft. Purchased skins, as well as unlocked skins, should be present.

These usually come from the Marketplace, where quite a few stellar skin packs are available. If necessary, restoring previous purchases might be in order if they don't show up properly.

However, getting custom skins into the game requires a little bit more effort. There are more than a few useful websites for creating, editing, and downloading custom skins that players can go to.

The Skindex has plenty of options (Image via Skindex)
The Skindex has plenty of options (Image via Skindex)

These are constantly getting updated with new skins, so there's never a shortage of good options.

One of the most popular places to find custom skins is the Skindex. On the site, crafters can save the files after they've created or discovered a custom skin they want to use.

Minecraft Education Edition requires gamers to make an MCPACK containing all the files necessary for the skin. The PNG image file and JSON files will all be contained within the MCPACK.

An online tool exists that will create the JSON files and package those with the original image into the MCPACK.


Following completion of that, the file can be downloaded onto the computer. To get that skin into Minecraft, simply open up the file by double-clicking on it.

The skin should then show up in the available options. If not, restarting the application or the device might do the needful. This process can be repeated endlessly to introduce as many custom skins to the game as players want.

Unfortunately, there is no way to mass download skins as they each need to be imported individually. It can be a tedious process, but it's well worth it when Minecraft gamers find the skin that they've been looking for.

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