How to get skins in Minecraft Education Edition (2022)

Education Edition can have skins (Image via OMGCraft on YouTube)
Players can add skins in Education Edition (Image via YouTube/OMGCraft)

Skins are a major part of Minecraft's personalization. Without them, players would have very little opportunity to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. They make like playing as an Enderman in a suit or perhaps as Sonic the Hedgehog. Either way, skins make that possible one way or the other.

Skin packs are very popular, as they are even created and shared through Minecraft in an official capacity, but fortunately, players are not limited to these official skins.

Various wonderful artists and creative individuals make skins for players to use in-game, with most of them usually being quite unique. However, getting these into the game can be a tricky endeavor and is even more difficult in Minecraft Education Edition. This article will detail how it can be done, so players can freely try out various fun skins in the game.

Minecraft custom skins: How to get them into Education

As always, purchased skins and packs are usable and easily accessible in Education Edition. Just as they would appear and be usable in Bedrock or Java, if players have purchased them, they are available in all versions.

Custom skins can be anything (Image via The Skindex)
Custom skins can be anything (Image via The Skindex)

Obtaining and selecting skins in Education Edition is a rather simple task. Interested players can follow these steps to do so:

  1. First, open up the correct profile and navigate to Skins.
  2. This should be available from the main screen.
  3. There, skins can be changed, edited, removed or anything else just like in other versions of the game.
  4. Purchased skins, as well as any unlocked skins, should be visible here.
  5. Select the skin and play.

These packs are typically purchased from the Marketplace, where almost anything can be found. If they aren't showing up, previous purchases may need to be restored. This is currently the easiest way to get skins in the game.

Unfortunately, getting custom skins into Education Edition requires more effort. Custom skins generally come from websites like The Skindex, where individual artists compile their best work for the community to use and benefit from. Almost anything a Minecrafter could imagine could be found on such sites.


Minecraft Education Edition skins requires players to create an MCPACK. This should contain all the files required for a custom skin to be available in the game. This includes the PNG image files and JSON files.

JSON files are among the most confusing files in the game. Fortunately, there is a tool available to all players that will create the JSON files. It will also combine those with the original PNG image and add them to the MCPACK file, which is essentially the entire process.

This full and complete MCPACK file can then be downloaded. Selecting that file will automatically open Minecraft Education Edition and the file should be imported, although it may take some time to do so.


The custom skin should then show up in the skin location along with other purchased skins. If this does not happen, players can try restarting the game and opening up the Skins section again. If this step doesn't work as well, open the files once more and try to import them again.

There is no limit to doing this for as many skins as gamers want, but the process will need to be restarted every single time. As of now, there's no way to download and import custom skins in bulk.

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