How to join and play MCC Island in Minecraft

MCC Island is finally open to the Minecraft community and is in its open beta (Image via Noxcrew)
MCC Island is finally open to the Minecraft community and is in its open beta (Image via Noxcrew)

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) series is one of the most beloved regular events hosted by the game's community. Now, fans can enjoy a custom-tailored MCC experience without any special requirements courtesy of Noxcrew's MCC Island server. Players no longer need to be added to the whitelist for the server or use the admission tickets as was customary in the past.

Now that it has entered its open beta phase, MCC Island can be joined directly within the Minecraft client. Granted, the server can only be accessed in Java Edition at the moment, but Noxcrew may very well add Bedrock Edition functionality at a later time.


Minecraft fans who want to check out MCC Island can do so with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

How to join MCC Island in Minecraft: Java Edition


Currently, there are a couple of parameters that need to be taken care of in order to join MCC Island. To be specific, players will have to be running Minecraft: Java Edition on version 1.19.4. The server may update to the Trails & Tales update at a later time, but these are the connection conditions at the moment.

This may present issues for players who have already updated to the 1.20+ versions, but the good news is that it's possible to create a separate game installation for 1.19.4 to access MCC Island while it remains at its current version. Otherwise, fans can access the island's server much like they would any other.


Here's how to create a separate Minecraft 1.19.4 installation:

  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher.
  2. Select Java Edition from the list of games to the left of the launcher window.
  3. Above the splash art for Java Edition, click the installations tab.
  4. Click on new installation.
  5. Give your installation a name. It can be anything you'd like, but you could always use something like "MCC Island" to avoid any confusion.
  6. In the dropdown list for the game version, select "Release 1.19.4."
  7. You can also set a specific directory to install this new set of files and folders as well as choose a custom screen resolution. Otherwise, leave them at the default value and press the green create button in the bottom-right of the window.
  8. Press the play tab at the top of the window. Then, to the left of the green play button under Java's splash art, choose your new installation and press the play button. The new installation should be marked by a furnace block instead of dirt/grass.

Here's how to join the MCC Island server:

  1. With Java Edition 1.19.4 open, click the multiplayer button from the main menu.
  2. Press the add server button.
  3. In the name field, it's best to type in "MCC Island" to avoid confusion.
  4. In the server address field, type in
  5. Keep server resource packs in the prompt setting, then click done.
  6. MCC Island should be added to your server list, so simply click the server and press the join server button.

Keep in mind that given MCC Island's immense popularity and the fact that it's now publicly open, Minecraft players may be placed in a queue where they need to wait before playing. The queue can get a little crowded at times, so it's something to keep in mind, and playing a little later in the day is advised to avoid server congestion or connection issues.

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