How to lower villager trade prices in Minecraft in 2022?

Villager trading can get quite expensive (Image via Mojang)
Villager trading can get quite expensive (Image via Mojang)

Trading is one of the most useful endeavors in Minecraft. It's one of the best ways to get items without having to travel extensively. Instead of mining for hours to get three diamonds to make a sword, players can simply trade for a pre-enchanted one. Similarly, they can trade for Ender pearls without having to slay Endermen.

Getting to the right level of villagers for some of these trades can be difficult and time-consuming. Emeralds are also difficult to come by, but overall, it's still the best way to acquire certain items.

The final issue is the price, which can be quite steep. That diamond sword can cost 23 emeralds, which is a lot to shell out for one item. However, there are ways to reduce the price.

Lowering trade costs in Minecraft

There are two ways to achieve this goal. Players can either trade with cured zombie villagers or earn Champion of the Village. Here's how to do both.

Champion of the Village

Step 1: Find a raid captain


Raid captains are Pillagers who have the banner over their heads. They can spawn in Pillager Outposts, which is easily the most common place to find them. They are almost guaranteed to spawn there at some point.

However, since these structures are rare, they can also be found occasionally wandering the overworld with a cadre of other Pillagers.

Step 2: Kill it for Bad Omen


Bad Omen is a status effect applied once the raid captain is dead. It lasts for 100 minutes. During that time, entering a Minecraft village will trigger a raid. To do this effectively, don't enter a Minecraft village unless it's the one you want to trade at.

Step 3: Complete the raid

Raids involve pillagers (Image via Mojang)
Raids involve pillagers (Image via Mojang)

The Pillagers will enter the Minecraft village in waves. On Easy difficulty, there will be three waves. Once you kill all of the pillagers in a wave, the next one will begin to load. After they're all killed, you will be awarded Champion of the Village.

Champion of the Village lasts for a long time within range of the village at which the raid was completed. It lowers every trade price significantly for that amount of time.

Cure a zombie villager

Step 1: Find a zombie villager


Zombie villagers can spawn naturally at night. Just like zombies, they will spawn randomly in the area you're in, but they are far less common. A secondary method is to find an abandoned village, which is fairly rare.

Once you find a zombie villager, trap it with something so the sun doesn't kill it.

Step 2: Splash the zombie villager


Make a weakness potion with a spider eye, brown mushroom, and sugar (fermented spider's eye). Turn it into a splash potion and throw it at the villager. It should begin shaking.

Step 3: Give the zombie villager a golden apple


The final step is to give the villager a golden apple. You can do this by "using" it on the mob. Eventually, the zombie will be healed, lowering the price. You can lower it even further by letting it become a Minecraft zombie again and repeating the process.

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