How to make flaming arrows in Minecraft?

Flaming arrow (Image via Minecraft)
Flaming arrow (Image via Minecraft)

Flaming arrows are a great weapon in Minecraft that can hurt opponents by piercing them and burning them to deal extra damage.

Players usually use normal arrows to damage hostile mobs that are unreachable. This enables them to eliminate any danger ahead of time. However, players must always try to use certain tricks to light up their arrows to deal heavy damage.

Bows and arrows are the most commonly used ranged weapon in the game as the items are quite easy to craft. Players need sticks and strings for bows, and arrows can be prepared with flints, sticks, and feathers.

However, if players use certain tricks or even enchant their bows, they will be able to ignite their arrows. There are essentially three ways to set an arrow on fire.

Ways to make flaming arrows in Minecraft

1) Flame enchantment

Flame enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
Flame enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Enchantments are certain powerups that can be applied to any tool, armor, or weapon to enhance its capabilities and powers. One of these enchantments is Flame, and it can only be used on bows. This enchantment can be applied through an enchanting table or an enchanted book.

Once players get the enchantment, whenever they shoot an arrow, it will ignite and deal 5 HP fire damage for 5 seconds, along with the default arrow attack damage. This is the most basic and permanent way of getting flaming arrows, as players don't have to use tricks to ignite arrows.

2) Shooting normal arrow through fire or lava

Arrows can be lit if shot through lava or fire (Image via Minecraft)
Arrows can be lit if shot through lava or fire (Image via Minecraft)

If players do not have that particular enchantment on their bows, they can cleverly use fire to light their arrows. If a player shoots an arrow through the lower half of a fire, the arrow lights up. Once it lights up, it will act as a traditional flaming arrow and deal the same amount of fire damage as it does with the enchantment.

Though players rarely use this technique in practical scenarios, this trick can deal some extra damage if they find the correct projectile path to shoot the arrow through fire and hit the target accurately.

Like fire, players can also shoot arrows through lava to ignite them. However, players might need to aim accurately as they won't be able to see the target through lava. This can be used in the Nether, where several lava falls are present.

A flaming arrow can not only be used on mobs. It can also burn players, light candles and campfires, and activate TNT blocks. Hence, there are several ways to use this specialized arrow.

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