How to play Minecraft Planet Earth III DLC

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Minecraft and the BBC have teamed up for a third Planet Earth DLC (Image via Mojang/BBC)

Minecraft's Planet Earth III DLC has been released as a free downloadable experience courtesy of Mojang and the BBC's continued partnership. The DLC is currently available for both Bedrock Edition platforms and Education Edition, and it allows players to experience environments and wild animals seen in the Canadian tundra, the South African coast, the Okavango Delta, and more.

This free DLC brings players closer to the wonders of nature within Minecraft thanks to the efforts of the community creators at Shapescape, offering intriguing encounters that fans of the BBC's Planet Earth series should appreciate. The DLC also serves an educational purpose, allowing students to examine various animals on both land and sea in their natural habitats.

How to download and play Minecraft's Planet Earth III DLC

Planet Earth III is free on the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Mojang)
Planet Earth III is free on the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft players who have access to either Bedrock or Education Edition can access Planet Earth III for free on the game's marketplace. Bedrock Edition includes not only the Windows 10/11 version but also the console versions of the game on Android and iOS mobile devices. Once the DLC is downloaded, playing it is as simple as possible.

You can download and play Planet Earth III on Minecraft with the following steps:

  1. Open your version of either Bedrock Edition or Education Edition.
  2. Click the marketplace button, enter Planet Earth III into the search bar, and press enter.
  3. Click the Planet Earth III DLC thumbnail to bring yourself to the store page. If you don't see the thumbnail, press the filter button next to the search bar and set Minecoins to free, placing the DLC at the top of the list.
  4. From here, simply press the "free" button. You should receive a notification that the DLC has been claimed, and you can now press the download button to install Planet Earth III.
  5. Return to the main menu and press the play button. Create a new world and select Planet Earth III from your world templates. You may have to press "see more" to find it immediately if it doesn't appear on your world template list.
  6. Tweak any additional settings you'd like to include, then press "create world" and enjoy.

That's all there is to it. Remember that some world settings are locked by default due to the DLC's creation process, so you can always unlock the settings in the world menu during or after creation if you need to. However, the locked settings exist to provide the best-intended experience for the Minecraft DLC, so your results might vary if you stray away from the preset settings for Planet Earth III.