How to survive and win in a Minecraft Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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A Nether Fortress is one of the most dangerous places to go to in Minecraft. The structure is located deep in the terrifying Nether realm. It contains certain hostile mobs which are difficult to fight and can kill players if they're not prepared. However, there are ways to survive and win in these structures to loot useful items.

The Nether Fortress is a naturally generated structure in the Nether realm of the game. This structure mainly consists of huge bridges and corridors. It contains a few chests with rare loot, Nether warts growing on soul sand, and blaze spawners. Dangerous hostile mobs like Wither skeletons and Blazes spawn in the fortress.

This scary and dangerous structure in the game is not an easy one to conquer, but it is an essential one if players want to finish the game. Hence, there are a few things to keep in mind before going and while surviving in the fortress.

Ways to survive in a Minecraft Nether Fortress


Items to have

Before entering the fortress and fighting the wither skeletons and blazes, players must prepare themselves by getting all the useful items. They will need protection, food, and strong weapons. Here is a list of things players can gather before heading to the structure:

  • Full enchanted diamond armor
  • Enchanted diamond axe and sword
  • Shield
  • Good amount of food
  • Fire resistance potions
  • Strong blocks
  • Loads of torches

How to fight Wither skeletons

Wither skeletons in Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)
Wither skeletons in Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)

After entering the fortress corridors, players will most likely encounter the first type of hostile mob which are Wither skeletons. Fighting these dark skeletons is a bit tricky as their hits will put a wither status effect on players. What this does is it will darken the player's heart bar and keep damaging them, without them knowing how many hearts they've lost.

Hence to attack them without taking the status effect, it is most effective to use a ranged weapon like a bow, crossbow or trident. They are stronger than regular skeletons hence will take longer to defeat.

How to fight Blazes

Soon after entering the fortress, players will see the second hostile mob which spawns there which are Blazes. These are floating mobs which will immediately shoot fireballs at the player in quick succession.

Blazes in Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)
Blazes in Nether Fortress (Image via Minecraft)

Hence, players will need to be ready with their shields, fire resistance potions, and bows to kill them as quickly as possible. The best way to defeat them is to drink a fire resistance potion and attack them with an enchanted diamond axe.

After exploring the fortress, players may find the blaze spawner on the upper floors. Players can either keep fighting blazes there to gather blaze rods, or block the spawner with glowstone, shroomlight or any other light source which gives out light level 15.

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