How are teams made for the Minecraft Championship (MCC)?

Teams are one of the most anticipated aspects of the Minecraft Championships (Image via Zyphon on YouTube)
Teams are one of the most anticipated aspects of the Minecraft Championships (Image via Zyphon on YouTube)
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The two-part reveal of which streamers will be teamed together, competing alongside one another, is one of the most anticipated and beloved aspects of the Minecraft Championships.

Those are your teams! Who will you be watching? ๐Ÿ‘‘

The Minecraft Championship ("MCC") is an invite-only event held and created through the Noxcrew. It features ten teams of four competitors each who compete in eight different minigames chosen by the participants.

These teams are a crucial part of the Minecraft Championship. If there weren't consistently balanced, interesting, and well-made teams competing in the tournament, half of what makes the monthly tournament so highly anticipated would be lost.

Casual viewers of the monthly championships might not know who puts the teams together each time an event rolls around. Scott "Smajor1995" Major, the event organizer, puts an honorable amount of effort into creating balanced and interesting teams for each championship.

Although there are tournaments with better teams than others, it's worth it to note that the thought process behind creating these teams is much harder and more time consuming than it appears.

How are teams put together for the Minecraft Championship?


Scott "Smajor1995" Major's job is to organize and run the monthly Minecraft Championships. This includes deciding when the event is and who participates.

The teaming system has changed drastically since the first Minecraft Championship. Back then, teams were created based on who the participating streamers already knew and were friends with.

Now, the teaming system is put together a bit differently. When the date of an event has been decided, there's a sign-up sheet posted in the private Discord for the Minecraft Championship. The point of this sign-up sheet is to gauge who is available to compete in the tournament.

๐Ÿšจ MCC 17 will take place on September 18th ๐ŸšจYou can put your hands down now...

The form consists of some basic information, such as the competitors' email address, if their content is family-friendly, what platform they stream on, and in-game username. It also covers areas like what the goal of the championship for that particular participant is. Do they want to compete to win, or are they participating in the event just to have fun?

The point of that particular question is to avoid creating teams where the participant's goal of competing to win and participating to have fun aren't mixed.

The sign-up sheet also asks for the name of one other competitor they would like to play alongside. It doesn't guarantee that the participants will be teamed together, but it gives the event organizer a better idea of who to put together.

Scott looks at all of this information and forms a rough idea of what the teams will look like. The deciding factor ends up being the competitor's individual score from the previous Minecraft Championship.

There are other factors that go into the final placement for teams, such as whether or not the competitors teamed together have won before. If a team of four has won they likely won't be put back together until further down the line. Scott also takes into account participant requests to not be teamed with certain streamers.

It takes multiple drafts to figure out what the final roster of teams will end up looking like. That being said, the teaming system is designed to create the most balanced teams possible in a timely manner.

After the teams are finalized, they're revealed first to the competitors themselves in the private Minecraft Championship Discord. The teams are tweeted out to the public a week or two before the event.

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