How to use mob heads in Minecraft 1.20 update

The addition of piglin heads in Minecraft 1.20 has increased the number of available mob heads (Image via Mojang)
The addition of piglin heads in Minecraft 1.20 has increased the number of available mob heads (Image via Mojang)

Back in Minecraft 1.4.2, Mojang added mob heads as usable blocks that can be placed in the environment. Since then, the roster of obtainable mob heads has vastly increased, with the 1.20 Trails & Tales update adding piglin heads. Depending on the head block, there are many applications that they can fulfill. For example, mob heads can be worn, placed as a decoration, or placed on note blocks in Minecraft to recreate the sounds of mobs. Additionally, certain mob heads, like those of the Wither Skeleton, can be used to summon the Wither boss.


If Minecraft fans are searching for uses of mob heads in the 1.20 update, they have a few different options available to them.

Using mob heads in the Minecraft 1.20 update


Mob heads are obtained via different methods in Minecraft 1.20. For example, Wither Skeletons have a base chance to drop their heads upon death, but others can only be obtained when a mob is killed by a Charged Creeper's explosion.

Regardless, mob heads have more than a few interesting uses in Minecraft's Trails & Tales update, and many more features may be on the way.


Uses of mob heads as of Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update:

  • Decoration - Like many blocks in the game, mob heads can be placed as decorations. They operate much like most others and can look rather nice depending on a player's build.
  • Equipping/Disguise - Similarly to helmets, players can equip mob heads to the head slot of their character to don the block. Certain mob heads like skeleton, creeper, zombie, and piglin heads will also reduce the detection radius of the matching mobs when worn. When players equip one of these mob heads, the matching mob will have to get much closer to actively notice and attack the player wearing the head. Additionally, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players can wear a mob head to hide from locator maps.
  • Summoning the Wither - If players have three Wither Skeleton heads, they can place the three heads on a T-shaped structure made of soul sand or soul soil. Doing so will summon the optional Wither boss, which is exceptionally powerful.
  • Sounds and Animations - As of Minecraft 1.20, players who wear certain mob heads like the piglin or Ender Dragon head will notice that the block animates as they move. Furthermore, the heads can be placed on a moving zombie or skeleton or on an armor stand. It's also possible to place mob heads on note blocks, and when the note blocks are activated, a mob sound will play that matches the mob that the head came from.
  • Banner Patterns - By combining a creeper or Wither Skeleton head with a piece of paper in Minecraft, players can create creeper and skull/crossbones banner patterns, respectively.
  • Firework Stars - Any mob head can be combined with dyes and gunpowder to create a firework star that takes on the form of a creeper's head when detonated in a firework rocket.

How to use Wither Skeleton heads to summon the Wither:

  1. Begin by taking four soul sand or soul soil blocks and constructing them in the shape of a capital T.
  2. Take your Wither Skeleton skulls (you'll need three of them) and place them atop the T-shape in a row. They can be arranged horizontally or vertically to your liking. You must place a Wither Skeleton head as the last block in the build to trigger the appearance of the Wither.
  3. Ensure that there's some distance between yourself and the structure you've just built, as the Wither will create a large and highly-damaging explosion when it enters the game.

Mob heads may receive even more functions after the 1.20 update, and players may even come up with new ways to use the blocks.

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