Iron Nuggets in Minecraft: Everything you need to know

Image via Cyanex
Image via Cyanex
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There are many hard-to-find resources in the Minecraft Overworld, but a relatively easy one is iron ore, which can be found in all the biomes by digging deeper, just a few blocks above sea level.

Iron nuggets did not make an appearance on Minecraft until 2016 on the PC version. The Twitter account "Minecraft News" published information about the added features and how they could make a player's chainmail armor.

During mining in Minecraft, by digging through stone, a player can find iron ore. These blocks look like coal blocks, except a tan color, rather than a black color, as shown in the image below.

These iron ore blocks can be smelted down into iron ingots, which can then be changed into iron nuggets. Nine iron nuggets create an iron ingot, and nine iron ingots make up a block of iron. Iron ore can only be mined with a stone pickaxe or anything higher. A wooden pickaxe will not mine the ore and will drop nothing from the block.

While iron can make multiple objects, including armor, buckets, compasses, and more, iron nuggets are used only to craft chains, ingots, lanterns, and soul lanterns.

To craft a chain, it takes two nuggets and one ingot. Ingots take nine nuggets. To make a lantern, a player needs eight nuggets and one torch, and soul lanterns take eight nuggets and one soul torch.

A player can make iron nuggets out of iron ingots. One ingot gives nine-iron nuggets. Smelting any iron item in a furnace, such as a weapon or piece of armor, can produce iron nuggets, as well. Any chainmail armor will work for this and make iron nuggets.

Iron nuggets can be located in blacksmith's chests in villages and Bastian remnants, ruined portals, shipwrecks, and villages.

In Minecraft, both Java and Bedrock, there are four places where iron nuggets are almost always found.

Everything to know about Iron Nuggets in Minecraft

1. Bastian Remnants

Some chests contain the nuggets in the Bastian Remnant, located in Minecraft's Nether dimension in Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valleys, Warped Forests, and Crimson Forests.

In Java and Bedrock versions, a generic chest can hold two to eight iron nuggets. Also, in Java and Bedrock, a bridge chest can have two to six. However, Bedrock is the only place you may find a treasure chest, which can hold anywhere from eight to 16 iron nuggets.

2. Ruined Portal

Ruined portals are mainly located throughout Minecraft in the Overworld, but they can be found in the Nether or underground. The chest is almost always situated with a ruined portal, and these can contain anywhere from nine to 18 nuggets in both Java and Bedrock.

3. Shipwreck

A shipwreck is found in ocean, river, and beach biomes in Minecraft. Occasionally, a shipwreck can be found on land in beach biomes, but this is extremely rare. A treasure chest in a shipwreck can hold as low as one nugget to as high as 10 nuggets in both Java and Bedrock.

4. Villages

Villages are one of the best places to find hard-to-find items or even items that can aid a player in their adventure and journey through the world of Minecraft. Iron nuggets can occasionally be found in chests in villages, but the likelihood of seeing them in taiga house chests is greater. In both Java and Bedrock, iron nuggets can be as bountiful as five or as low as one.


Mining iron ore to make iron nuggets can be done deep into the Overworld and is usually found just a few blocks above sea level. They are rarely found in extreme hill biomes, as they are located higher than sea level.

While gold is primarily found in the Badlands biome, no particular biome house needs more iron than another. However, villages are known to have more iron than usual, thanks to the iron golem that keeps watching. It regularly spawns to provide iron constantly. There are specific biomes with houses that may have more iron than others, such as the desert, mountains, plains, savanna, snowfields, and the taiga.

Iron is needed through Minecraft to create valuable items and armor to advance throughout the game. It is wise to find it as soon as possible once the Minecraft journey begins.

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