"It's harmful and gross and idiotic": Minecraft star Dream slams "fake face reveals" as racism controversy rages on 

A viral Dream face reveal has been doing the rounds online recently (Image via Dream/YouTube)
A viral Dream face reveal has been doing the rounds online recently (Image via Dream/YouTube)

Minecraft star Dream recently clapped back at all those who were spreading hate online by claiming to have leaked fake "face reveals" of him.

The 21-year-old faceless sensation recently found himself embroiled in a fresh controversy online after he was called out over purportedly enabling the actions of a large section of his community, who have been labeled "racist."

In a detailed thread, a Twitter user by the name of @teenofdenials recently claimed that upon being criticized for his usage of AAVE (African American Vernacular Language) and "demonizing rap music" by a person of color, Dream allegedly responded via the following reply:

In his aforementioned response, Dream not only refuted the allegations of his fanbase being "anti-black" but also stated that he does not support anyone who harbors racist ideas.

The detailed thread, which highlighted numerous instances of alleged racism within the Dream community, soon ended up triggering a whole new debate online, with the hashtag #DREAM_OUT trending online.

However, the situation gradually began to become murkier by the minute, as a section of Twitter users started to leak random pictures of people online and associate it with a "Dream face reveal."

This forced Dream to respond as he took to his private Twitter account to clap back at the rising levels of toxicity and unwarranted hate being spewed online.

From labeling the practice of circulating "fake face reveals" as gross and harmful to denouncing death threats and online harassment, Dream's recent tweet ended up intensifying the ongoing controversy.

#DREAM_OUT hashtag trends online, as Dream Face Reveal comes under the scanner

In response to the initial allegations of enabling racism, Dream took to his personal Twitter account to condemn racists and anti-black/anti-minority sentiment in his fanbase and extend support towards the black community.

He also linked accounts of several black creators in an attempt to show solidarity and usher in an early Juneteenth celebration:

Despite his clarification, a majority of Twitter users were left unconvinced as they called him via the hashtag #DREAM_OUT and criticized him for tweeting on a serious issue from his secondary account:

Simultaneously, another section also slammed all those who were circulating fake Dream face reveals at the expense of the people involved:

As the uproar over Dream's alleged face reveal continues to rage online, the entire controversy has once again ended up exposing the internet's affinity towards indulging in extreme toxicity.

While the need to hold creators such as Dream accountable for their shortcomings is imperative, the adverse effect of taking it a step too far in the form of leaking fake face reveals constitutes a major concern for privacy and autonomy in today's digital age of virtual streaming.

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Edited by Shaheen Banu
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