Item storage in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

A massive yet organized storage system (Image via u/viktor40 on Reddit)
A massive yet organized storage system (Image via u/viktor40 on Reddit)

Item storage is one of the most useful mechanics in Minecraft.

While most players are happy to throw all of their stuff into one chest, they are advised to follow certain guidelines so that every item can be found quickly and efficiently.

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Storage blocks in Minecraft

An open and closed barrel block (Image via pinterest)
An open and closed barrel block (Image via pinterest)

Minecraft players have access to a handful of storage blocks.

The single chest and large chest are the most widely used storage blocks in the game. The single chest has a total of 27 inventory slots, while the large chest has 54.

The barrel is a great storage option that functions exactly like a chest. However, it does not require an air block to be accessed.

The shulker box is the most useful storage block in the game, but it is also the hardest to acquire. This storage block acts as a portable chest, as it holds items inside even when broken.

The ender chest is the most unique storage block. Even if two ender chests are placed in different locations, the items will be accessible from both chests.

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Organization in Minecraft

A neatly organized room with barrels
A neatly organized room with barrels

Organization is the most important thing to consider when creating a storage room. Many players are content with just randomly throwing every item in a chest. However, proper organization will save tons of time for the player.


The video above offers a guide on how to build a massive storage room with an automatic sorting system in Minecraft.

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Barrels are also great for organization as they do not need an air block above them to be accessed. The use of barrels results in compact yet effective storage rooms, as seen in the image above. Players are also recommended to use shulker boxes for on-the-go supplies.

Players who heed all these rules are guaranteed to have better item storage in Minecraft.

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