Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update Part 1: Every feature announced by the developers

Caves & Cliffs, perhaps the most significant update Minecraft has been for some time (Image via CaptainSparklez, YouTube)
Caves & Cliffs, perhaps the most significant update Minecraft has been for some time (Image via CaptainSparklez, YouTube)

As with any game, Minecraft has gone through various updates through the years. Coming in a few days is the biggest update Minecraft has seen in a while.

On June 8th, Mojang, Minecraft creators, will release Part 1 of the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. Another update is coming up around the holiday season, which is Part 2 of the Caves & Cliffs.

In Part 1, players can expect various things, but anything involving world generation, such as new cliffs, caves, mountains, biomes, and world heights, will be released and updated in Part 2.

The Part 1 update will give Minecraft players new mobs, hostile and neutral, and new building blocks and items. Mojang announced that there would be at least 91 new blocks available throughout Part 1 and 2.

New additions to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update Part 1


1) New block: Dripleaf

One of the new blocks Minecraft will be adding to the update is called dripleaf. It features leaves that players can use to jump on. However, there is a catch with this leaf: it will drop the longer it is stood on, which means the player can fall through.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Minecraft players can receive damage, depending on how high up they are when they fall. However, the plant will not receive any damage and will regrow leaves at a reasonably rapid rate.

Dripleaf can only be planted on clay or dirt underwater. However, when fully grown, the bigger leaves can be harvested and placed anywhere to be used for climbing, minimizing damage from falling, or as decoration.

2) New mob: Axolotls

A new, friendly mob is finding its way to the Minecraft update on June 8th. Axolotls are found underwater and are a cute breed of mobs that will help Minecraft players when they are in battle.

Axolotls can be scooped into iron buckets, and Minecraft players can use them to help explore underwater caves. They will attack enemies on-site and act as a small army to aid players and overwhelm mobs who attack.

Axolotls will also play dead to recover health, keeping them safe while they do so. Unlike wolves, who, when in battle, require being fed to keep energy up, axolotls will keep their energy in check.

3) New mob: Goats

Minecraft is adding a new animal to the Overworld in the form of a goat, which will appear in cliff areas and can jump two blocks high. They will not attack players, but they will run into them like real goats if annoyed enough. This attack will cause players to essentially "fly" off the mountains they are found on.

Minecraft goats are capable of ramming into blocks, which causes them to possibly drop goat horns. Players can use them to generate a trumpet noise similar to the horn sound at the beginning of a village raid.

4) New items to find or craft

New items to craft from the Minecraft update will be telescopes and spyglasses. These can be used to see objects far away, either inside a house or building or outside exploring.

Telescopes and spyglasses are made from crystal and copper, both new additions coming to Minecraft.

Copper will be found in ore veins. Copper has an orange hue, but it will change to a light blue turquoise color after being exposed to oxygen.

Another new item is Crystal Amethyst, found in Amethyst geodes that Minecraft will add to underground caves in the update. The crystal, when walked on, sounds like wind chimes.

Mojang says that crystals will have many uses, but many of those are unknown, and how to harvest them is unknown as well.


According to Mojang, along with the Part 1 update, Part 2 will be coming sometime around Winter 2021. With the latter, Minecraft players can expect new caves filled with new vines, fruit, flowers, new stones such as stalagmites and stalactites, and a new biome called the Deep Dark, whose nature and history is unknown as of yet.

Another section of Part 2 will introduce new items, such as candles and candle cake, as well as Sculk Growths, a part of the Deep Dark biome. A mob called the Warden will also be introduced, and it will be an interesting, more immersive mob spawn, also found in the Deep Dark.

Also, in Part 2, a new activity to take part in will be archeology. Mojang has said that this event will cause excavation sites to appear throughout the Minecraft Overworld with chests that have brushes.

Brushes will help players brush away at certain blocks for hidden treasure, but there is a catch. If an object is not fully uncovered before players move on, the object will be destroyed and be gone forever.

The update is only a few days away. Hence, players should prepare, update their systems, and let the countdown begin with Minecraft's latest update, arriving June 8th.

Edited by Ravi Iyer