Top 5 tips to defeat a village raid in Minecraft

Image by Phoenix SC
Image by Phoenix SC
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Minecraft is a game that offers players the chance to survive on their own in the wilderness and see how far they can progress. There are villages scattered throughout the land that can help players when they need something a little extra throughout their journey.

A big part of the villages is the off-chance that a raid will happen while a player is visiting. Raids are events in which anywhere from one to five waves of various mobs spawn and attack the village. The mob that mainly spawns is illagers.


Raids start when a Minecraft player enters a village with the Bad Omen status effect. The effect is only caused when the player kills the illager captain, which can be found either at the pillager outposts, woodland mansions, or on patrol throughout the Overworld.

When finishing or winning a raid on a village, there are many valuable items that players can achieve in the end.

Listed below are five tips on how players can defeat their own village raid in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

What are the best ways to defeat a village raid in Minecraft?

1) Do not cause a raid early on in the game

Something to keep in mind in Minecraft is that the game knows more than the players. Creating a raid within the first few days of play can result in immediate death. While it is possible to defeat a raid with wooden weapons and no armor, it isn't a good idea to start one without any weapons or armor.

2) Have weapons and armor made of iron or higher and shields

In Minecraft, having weapons and armor are an essential part of the game. In order to beat mobs and protect players from death, weapons and armor, as well as shields, are a much-needed inventory item.

When going into a village raid on Minecraft, be sure to have weapons and armor made at least of iron, preferably something higher. The higher the level of the item, the longer it will last and the more impact it will have when used.

Shields are made of iron and wood but can last a long time depending on the damage dealt out by Minecraft mobs. During a raid or any battle, shields are a welcome item, as they can protect better than any armor or weapon.

3) Drink milk to get rid of any statuses obtained during raids that can kill

When Minecraft players are hit with the Bad Omen status or any status that is from poison, a way to cure it quickly is by drinking milk. It can be obtained by going up to a cow with a bucket and milking it.

During village raids in Minecraft, players can drink milk if they are hit with the Bad Omen or potions from the witches. This will cure them quickly, rather than having the negative status effects kill them.


4) Place traps around the village like lava and water

Water in Minecraft has quite a bit of power, and players can travel through and up it to either escape or reach high or low areas very quickly. However, one of the interesting things about mobs and illagers is that they cannot go through water.

Lava has quite the same capability. Players die when they enter lava in Minecraft, and the same is said for mobs and illagers. Lava can kill anything, and setting up a lava trap is helpful during a raid.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

5) Have your respawn point set in the village

Using a bed in Minecraft will reset your respawn point. Anytime you sleep in a bed and die sometime afterward, you will wake back up near the bed unless it has been destroyed.

Sleeping in one of the beds in a village will reset your spawn point to there. So if you die in battle during the raid, you will be placed back into the village.

Image via Gamerheadquarters
Image via Gamerheadquarters

When going out and about, if you find a village in Minecraft that would be perfect for defeating a raid in, take advantage and find an illager captain as soon as possible. The possibilities are endless in what you can steal from the raid after it ends.

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