Minecraft 1.18 pre-release 2 patch notes

Dripstone caves in the upcoming update (Image via Minecraft)
Dripstone caves in the upcoming update (Image via Minecraft)

The Minecraft 1.18 update brings a plethora of changes to Minecraft and revamps a ton of pre-existing features in the game. The update has been constantly teased for months now, with the continued release of snapshots and pre-releases.

Unlike snapshots, pre-releases mostly contain bug fixes and minor changes to Minecraft. The second pre-release for Minecraft 1.18 brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to this build of the game. Listed below are the patch notes for the latest pre-release for Minecraft 1.18.

Changes and bug fixes in the latest pre-release for Minecraft 1.18

Java update

The game has been updated to use Java version 17 instead of 16. Players who want to play the latest version of Minecraft will have to ensure that they have it installed.

Check out the updated Minecraft Beginners Guide here.

List of bug fixes in pre-release 2

  • Water stops in mid-air while flowing into caves and mineshafts, not allowing them to be properly flooded.
  • Minecarts have outdated textures.
  • Mineshafts stop generating prematurely.
  • Dripstone structures can be found outside caves.
  • High-speed particles can make the game lag or freeze.
  • The rear texture of paintings is the wrong way round.
  • Goats, when set ablaze, do not run towards water.
  • The name of Microsoft’s Director of Business Development, Albert Pastore, is colored grey and is indented improperly.
  • The credits indicate there to be only one “IT Manager,” instead of “IT Managers.”
  • The quote, “Explore, dream, discover” does not appear at the end of the new style of credits.
  • Curly quotes and apostrophes are used by some names in the new style of credits.
  • The name of Steven Silvester is spelled incorrectly in the credits.
  • The company name for Elizabeth Batson is incorrectly capitalized in the credits.
  • The word “Inc” has inconsistent usage in the credits.
  • Frank Criscione credit is missing "(".
  • Biome-exclusive mob spawns are reduced.
  • Seeds that have a spawn point in the middle of the ocean can cause lag.
  • The server's address can be seen when the "connection failed" error occurs during server startup.
  • Passive mobs have been known not to spawn sometimes.
  • UpgradeData for a chunk is not applied to the new world height.
  • The game crashes and/or data corruption occurs when a world save is attempted, which has a world border center of more than 30 million blocks.
  • If the player flies into a block while sprinting, the screen rapidly zooms in and out.
  • Icebergs contain lava pockets.
  • Kumi Taniokais not credited under “Music composed by.”
  • Vines have the wrong block state when a world is upgraded.
  • Fences, iron bars, and glass panes become single after changing the game version.
  • Water from previous chunks do not properly update when moving to newer chunks.
  • Connected redstone does not update from previous versions.
  • Holes appear in worlds generated in the Alpha and Infdev versions below the height of y=0 after changing the version.
  • Mineshafts can be duplicated.
  • Mobs do not spawn in pre-release 1 monuments/swamp huts/outposts.
  • Upgradation of an old-world results in biomes not being copied to caves in the new chunk, below Y=0.
  • The option to “Allow Server Listings” resets itself on every game restart.
  • Powdered snow fails to eliminate fall damage.
  • Some Mojang staff are uncredited.
  • The game can crash when new chunks are loaded into an updated world.
  • After old worlds are updated, double chests have incorrect block placement.
  • Powered buttons, pressure plates, and tripwire hooks continue to have power, even after upgrading.
  • Chunk borders restrict the development of fossils.
  • The water generated around ravines is floating water.

The pre-release can be played from within the Minecraft launcher. To access the pre-release, players must open the Minecraft launcher and turn on 'snapshots' in the 'installations' tab.

See the Minecraftwiki here.

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