Minecraft 1.20 update APK for Pocket Edition: Release date, time, features and more

The APK for 1.20 is coming soon (Image via Mojang)
The APK for 1.20 is coming soon (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft 1.20 APK for Pocket Edition is coming very soon. With mere hours between the community and the Trails & Tales update, the community is brimming with anticipation. Several new features are coming this way, and they've been fine-tuned during the snapshot, beta/preview, and pre-release stage of the update. Now, they're all ready for wide release.

If you're on Android, this article will detail when and how to update the game, as well as what to expect.

How to download the 1.20 Minecraft update

The update is set to be released on June 7, which is tomorrow. The estimated release time is 11 am EST/8 am PT, about the same as Mojang's last few major updates. Players should stay active from 8 am PT to 10 am PT as the Minecraft 1.20 update can drop anytime between that.

When it does release, here's how to download it on Android:

  1. Turn on the Android mobile device.
  2. Head over to the Google Play Store.
  3. Find the page for Minecraft. Do this by searching for the game and selecting the correct app.
  4. If the game is currently installed, it should have a prompt to update the app. If not, then you can install it. This will download the latest version, so you'll get it as long as 1.20 is available.
  5. Click the update button or install the app.
  6. Once it's done, open the app and play version 1.20

Features of Minecraft 1.20 update

The most prominent additions come in the form of two new mobs. Camels and the Sniffer will be added. Camels are a new mob that two players can ride, and the Sniffer won the Mob Vote. Its arrival allows players to find seeds by having the Sniffer dig them up.

Bamboo will finally be useful after a major change in Minecraft 1.20. It can be used to craft wooden items instead of just sticks or be used as a fuel source.

Bamboo can be used to craft planks, doors, blocks, and rafts. It can essentially do all the things other wood can do in Minecraft.

Bamboo can be made into blocks now (Image via Mojang)
Bamboo can be made into blocks now (Image via Mojang)

Archaeology is coming to the game and changing deserts in the process. Suspicious sand and gravel will be spawning. Brush them away to find new items, including Sniffer eggs and armor trims.

Trail Ruins is a new structure that will have the sand and gravel blocks. They will be a prominent source of items since trims and others can only be found this way.

Armor trims are a new way for players to change how their armor looks. Instead of just plain diamond or iron, it can now have a bit of fashion.

The Cherry Grove biome will feature new cherry trees. Despite its likelihood to be a rare spawn, it figures to be a fan favorite.

Check back tomorrow at 10 am EST to download and try all of this Minecraft update content for Android.