Minecraft Championship 14: Final standings, winners, and more

(Image via Zyphon on YouTube) Enter caption
(Image via Zyphon on YouTube) Enter caption

Minecraft Championship 14 concluded as the first tournament to the second season of events on May 29th, 2021.

The Minecraft Championships (MCC) are an invite-only event held and created through the Noxcrew. It features 10 teams of four competitors who compete in eight different minigames chosen by the participants.

Minecraft Championship 14 was the first tournament to take place since February 9th, 2020. This Minecraft Championship boasted new features, maps, additions, and renovations, which explains the hiatus between the normal monthly competition.


Teams for Minecraft Championship 14 were announced on May 13th & 14th, 2021. The teams were as follows:

Team Red Rabbits: Tubbo, Nihachu, Vikkstar, TommyInnit

Team Orange Ocelots: Quig, Shubble, KaraCorvus, Eret

Team Yellow Yaks: DanTDM, SB737, Krtzyy, sylvee

Team Lime Llamas: RenDog, fruitberries, falsesymmetry, cubfan135

Team Green Guardians: CaptainSparklez, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Quackity

Team Cyan Creepers: Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, TapL, CaptainPuffy

Team Aqua Axolotls: Wisp, Smajor1995, Hbomb94, Solidarity

Team Blue Bats: Seapeekay, Punz, KatherineElizabeth, Sapnap

Team Purple Pandas: Grian, InTheLittleWood, PeteZahHutt, TheOrionSound

Team Pink Parrots: Wilbur Soot, Fundy, JackManifoldTV, Ph1LzA

While viewers have had their predictions about what would go down in this month's Minecraft Championship, let's see how the team, individual, minigame, and overall coin standings turned out.

Minecraft Championship 14: Final Team Standings

(Image via MCC)
(Image via MCC)

After eight grueling minigames, the final two teams to make it to the final Dodgebolt round were the Aqua Axolotls and the Blue Bats. The latter team had been dominating throughout the minigames, so viewers had their hunches on them to take the win for this Minecraft Championship.

In a surprising twist, Aqua Axolotls came out on top. Securing their final Dodgebolt win, they became the winning team of Minecraft Championship 14.

Here are the final Dodgebolt results:

Round 1: Aqua Axolotls win. (1-0)

Round 2: Aqua Axolotls win. (2-0)

Round 3: Blue Bats win. (2-1)

Round 4: Aqua Axolotls win. (3-1)

The Aqua Axolotls might have won the tournament as a whole, but let's look at the final standings for the rest of the teams:

1st: Team Aqua Axolotls

2nd: Team Blue Bats

3rd: Team Purple Pandas

4th: Team Red Rabbits

5th: Team Yellow Yaks

6th: Team Pink Parrots

7th: Team Green Guardians

8th: Team Orange Ocelots

9th: Team Cyan Creepers

10th: Team Lime Llamas

Final Individual Standings

(Image via Minecraft Championships)
(Image via Minecraft Championships)

In the Minecraft Championships, there's an individual score as well as one for teams as a whole. This individual score is just as desired as the overall team win for the tournament.

Individually, Brandon "PeteZahHutt" Clemont, hailing from team Purple Pandas, dominated the individual ranks. He won nearly four hundred more coins than the runner-up, Luke "Punz."

Here are the individual standings:

1st: PeteZahHutt - 3862

2nd: Punz - 3451

3rd: Sapnap - 3380

4th: Quig - 2948

5th: Krtzyy - 2877

6th: Fruitberries - 2859

7th: HBomb94 - 2731

8th: Smajor1995 - 2721

9th: TommyInnit - 2619

10th: Tubbo - 2553

11th: Fundy - 2500

12th: Wisp - 2447

13th: Vikkstar123 - 2429

14th: SB737 - 2403

15th: Ph1LzA - 2328

16th: InTheLittleWood - 2286

17th: Seapeekay - 2255

18th: TapL - 2239

19th: Dream - 2224

20th: SolidarityGaming - 2099

21st: CaptainSparklez - 1968

22nd: GeorgeNotFound - 1961

23rd: TheOrionSound - 1871

24th: Grian - 1827

25th: DanTDM - 1810

26th: TheEret - 1671

27th: Shubble - 1630

28th: Cubfan135 - 1593

29th: CaptainPuffy - 1578

30th: JackManifoldTV - 1571

31st: KatherineElizabeth - 1547

32nd: Sylvee - 1517

33rd: Nihachu - 1450

34th: BadBoyHalo - 1449

35th: WilburSoot - 1431

36th: Skeppy - 1402

37th: KaraCorvus - 1398

38th: Rendog - 1388

39th: FalseSymmetry - 1248

40th: Quackity - 1186

Minigame Standings

(Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
(Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)

Unfortunately, due to some of the minigames remaining in the process of re-coding, there were only eight minigames in Minecraft Championship 14. This meant that all eight had to be played at some point during the competition, regardless of the competitor's vote.

The final minigame standings, in chronological order, go as such:

Game No. 1: "Big Sales At Build Mart"

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks

Game No. 2: "TGTTOSAWAF"

Best Performing Team: Pink Parrots

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: Ph1LzA

2nd: ItsFundy

3rd: TapL

4th: PeteZahHutt

5th: fruitberries

Game No. 3: "Sky Battle"

Best Performing Team: Blue Bats

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: fruitberries

2nd: Quig

3rd: Sapnap

4th: PeteZahHutt

5th: TommyInnit

Game No. 4: "Survival Games"

Best Performing Team: Red Rabbits

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: Punz

2nd: PeteZahHutt

3rd: Tubbo

4th: TommyInnit

5th: Nihachu

Game No. 5: "Hole In The Wall"

Best Performing Team: Aqua Axolotls

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: Hbomb94

2nd: Ph1LzA

3rd: PeteZahHutt

4th: ItsFundy

5th: Smajor1995

Game No. 6: "Ace Race"

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: Smajor1995

2nd: Krtzyy

3rd: SB737

4th: Punz

5th: PeteZahHutt

Game No. 7: "Battle Box"

Best Performing Team: Blue Bats

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: PeteZahHutt

2nd: Sapnap

3rd: Dream

4th: Wisp

5th: GeorgeNotFound

Game No. 8: "Parkour Tag"

Best Performing Team: Yellow Yaks

Top 5 Competitors:

1st: Krtzyy

2nd: SB737

3rd: Sapnap

4th: ItsFundy

5th: Vikkstar123

Overall Team Coin Standings

(Image via MCC)
(Image via MCC)

Minecraft Championship competitors compete to earn as many coins as possible throughout the eight minigames. Over time, coin multipliers are added to each minigame.

This means that Minecraft Championship teams favor picking games they're not collectively good at earlier on in the tournament, to avoid the coin multipliers working against them later on in the event.

Here are the overall coin standings for each team:

1st: Blue Bats (21528)

2nd: Aqua Axolotls (20218)

3rd: Purple Pandas (19833)

4th: Red Rabbits (17982)

5th: Yellow Yaks (17504)

6th: Pink Parrots (15566)

7th: Green Guardians (15252)

8th: Orange Ocelots (15093)

9th: Cyan Creepers (13730)

10th: Lime Llamas (13523)

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