Top 5 streamers who have competed in the Minecraft Championships

(Image via Minecraft Championships)
(Image via Minecraft Championships)

The Minecraft Championships are a series of events held through the Noxcrew. It features ten teams of four competitors who compete in eight different minigames chosen by the participants.

These tournaments have seen many different participants come and go over the years. Some have returned to compete in further tournaments, and others have never looked back.

In this article, we'll count down the top five competitors, or streamers, that have achieved places in the MCC Hall of Fame.

Top 5 Minecraft Championship Competitors

5. Dream

(Image via Dream on YouTube)
(Image via Dream on YouTube)

Clay "Dream," has taken the Minecraft world by storm with his skills and his Minecraft Championships performances are not exception.

Although he's only placed first, individually, once, it's still an impressive feat. Some competitors that have been taking part in these tournaments for years have yet to ever place first, both individually and overall.

He currently holds first-place records for: "Sky Battle: Most Wins," "Parkour Warrior: Most Course Completions," and "Legacy: Parkour Warrior: Most Course Completions."

4. Hbomb94

(Image via Hbomb94)
(Image via Hbomb94)

Liam "Hbomb94" Heneghan has been competing in the Minecraft Championships since their debut in 2019.

He's been on the winning teams three times, and is currently tied with Brandon "PeteZahHutt" Clement for most overall Minecraft Championship wins.

Liam currently holds records for: "Global: Most Event Wins," "Survival Games: Most Eliminations," "Bingo But Fast: Most First Completions," "Ace Race: Python's Crypt Fastest Lap," and "Ace Race: Python's Crypt Fastest Completion."

3. Technoblade

(Ary by jester_u on Twitter)
(Ary by jester_u on Twitter)

Dave "Technoblade" is a formidable, intimidating competitor to cross in the midst of a tournament. It's no surprise that he holds so many records in the hall of fame, and is known as one of the best at player-versus-player combat in the history of the Minecraft Championships.

He's been participating in the events since the second tournament, and has consistently participated in each one.

Technoblade holds the records for: "Snowbolt: Most Shots Landed," "Skyblockle: Most Eliminations," "Sky Battle: Most Eliminations," "Survival Games: Most Eliminations," "Survival Games: Most Airdrops Looted," "Legacy: Ace Race: Clouds Fastest Lap," and "Legacy: Ace Race: Clouds Fastest Completion."

4. PeteZahHutt

(Image via PeteZahHutt on YouTube)
(Image via PeteZahHutt on YouTube)

Brandon "PeteZahHutt" Clement is another frequently recurring competitor in the Minecraft Championships.

He's renowned for being one of the strongest and most consistent competitors in terms of outcome. He hasn't placed lower than the top five, individually, in every tournament he's competed in. He also holds the individual record for most podium appearances.

Brandon currently holds records for: "Global: Most Event Wins," "Global: Average Event Coins," "Snowbolt: Most Participations," "Battle Box: Most Round Wins," "Hole In The Wall: Most Wins," "Legacy: Fastest Foot Race Lap," and "Legacy: Foot Race Fastest Completion."

1. Quig

(Image via Quig on YouTube)
(Image via Quig on YouTube)

Ryan "Quig" has been another long time competitor in the Minecraft Championships. He's been competing in the games since the second tournament in 2020.

Quig, ironically, holds the record for having the most records acknowledged in the MCC Hall of Fame. He's had the most individual wins thus far in tournaments.

He also currently holds the records for: "Global: Most Total Eliminations," "Global: Most Eliminations In One Event," "Global: Most Coins Earned," "Battle Box: Most Eliminations," "Rocket Spleef: Most Eliminations," "Survival Games: Most Wins," "Survival Games: Most Eliminations," "Survival Games: Most Chests Looted," "Bingo But Fast: Most Completions," "TGTTOSAWAF: Most Completions," "Parkour Warrior: Most Challenge Completions," and "Legacy: Parkour Warrior: Most Challenge Completions."

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