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Minecraft Dungeons' third Seasonal Adventure is known as Fauna Faire (Image via Mojang)

Mojang announced Minecraft Dungeons' latest Seasonal Adventure, known as Fauna Faire, at Minecraft Live 2022.

This season possesses a pet/mob-based theme, which is quite the departure from last season's Luminous Night adventures.


Though fall may have already arrived, Mojang is bringing a taste of summer back to Minecraft Dungeons. The creature-centric Fauna Faire brings plenty of new content for heroes to battle their way through, as well as new features back at the home base to take advantage of.

Those who have been fighting through Mojang's dungeon-crawling RPG will not want to miss this Seasonal Adventure.

What to expect from Minecraft Dungeons' Fauna Faire: Release date and features

A hero donning a chicken suit in Fauna Faire (Image via Mojang)
A hero donning a chicken suit in Fauna Faire (Image via Mojang)

Heroes in Minecraft Dungeons will be able to take full advantage of the Fauna Faire beginning on October 19, 2022.

The Seasonal Adventure will provide plenty of new ways to customize one's character. It will also feature new aids to assist players on their adventures throughout the realm. Additionally, there's new multiplayer gameplay to check out if players enjoy banding together with fellow adventurers.

Pet/Mob Theme

To coincide with Fauna Faire's new theme, Minecraft Dungeons players will gain access to all-new skins, pets, and other mob-centric cosmetics to customize their hero with. These cosmetics can be accessed through the continuation of the Adventure Pass, which will, as always, have two reward tracks available.


Players can complete objectives and defeat foes to progress through the pass, which possesses both free and paid tiers.

If players want full access to the cosmetics being provided, paying for the paid reward track may be in their best interest.

New 4-Player Tower Multiplayer

The Tower level is an ever-changing location that has been present since the first Seasonal Adventure Cloudy Climb. However, it's been reworked in Fauna Faire, allowing up to four heroes to band together and clear the Tower's new layout.

The Tower's layout has changed once more, and it can now accommodate floors that necessitate teamwork.


The Tower is one of the most intriguing locations during each Seasonal Adventure in Minecraft Dungeons. There are plenty of challenges and rewards available by climbing to the top.

Players should bring along a few friends and see if they can defeat the Fauna Faire's new twist on the seasonal map.

The Enchantsmith

Newly located southwest of the player's camp is the Enchantsmith villager, a mystical being capable of altering equipment properties. This merchant is capable of re-rolling the stats and properties of gear pieces.

For adventurers in Minecraft Dungeons hoping to get the most out of their equipment, the Enchantsmith is a vital NPC worth interacting with.


When delving into the game's higher difficulties, the stats provided by one's magic-infused gear is vital to survival and success. The Enchantsmith will undoubtedly be able to help players reach the ideal build they're looking for, no matter what form of combat they prioritize.

Treetop Tangle

There's been a stir within the Jungle Island in Minecraft Dungeons, and the new and free Treetop Tangle has emerged as a result.

Players who adventure through the location will see themselves climbing a massive tree, uncovering secrets, and battling new shadowy opponents along the way.


According to Mojang, players will surely encounter a challenge in their upward climb. However, the rewards may very well be worth the effort, as new pieces of gear lay in wait for the most daring adventurers.

All of this content, and likely more, will be fully available when the Fauna Faire kicks off on October 19, 2022. Since this date is only a few days from now, players will want to complete their builds and gather their best weapons and armor.

This Seasonal Adventure in Minecraft Dungeons will likely be full of excitement, and it doesn't hurt to prepare as soon as possible.

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