Minecraft player turns music disc into cute cassette tapes 

A Minecraft modder recently offered up an alternative to the game
A Minecraft modder recently offered up an alternative to the game's music discs (Image via u/CountXDLive/Reddit)

Minecraft's music may rank among some of the most memorable collections in gaming. This is accentuated by in-game music discs that can be played in jukebox blocks. However, one modder and fan, who goes by CountXDLive online, decided to create an alternative way to play music in jukeboxes by converting the music discs into cassettes instead.

CountXDLive shared a Reddit post on May 8, 2023, detailing their work at changing the in-game discs into cassette tapes. A total of 16 cassettes are available, each with its own appearance and color scheme. Much like the music discs, these cassettes can be placed into a jukebox block to play the accompanying audio track.

Many Minecraft fans were very impressed with CountXDLive's mod and gave it plenty of praise.

Minecraft Redditors react to CountXDLive's cassette mod

Fans of Minecraft and retro music storage heaped praise on CountXDLive's mod. One user was even kind enough to share the download links to the mod on CurseForge. The mod is available for both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game, so it's likely that more than a few fans in the comments snagged it for themselves.

The top commenters also joked that CountXDLive would have to create a boombox or convert the jukebox into a cassette player to improve the cassettes' presence even further.

It's really no surprise that Minecraft fans flocked to this particular music disc retexture. Cassettes both fit the retro aesthetic of the game while also being much more rectangular and square-like compared to pixellated discs.

The music on the cassettes themselves is unchanged, and they are still found in the same fashion. This mod simply changes the models, which should make it agreeable to just about any platform that can download it regardless of hardware.

In truth, the music discs used in Minecraft are clearly vinyl records. So, in a way, these retro cassette tapes are more modern than the discs they're replacing. Either way, fans in the comments were in love with the concept, and many of them remarked that they preferred cassettes anyway.

The art of the cassettes is also incredibly accurate to the visuals of the discs that preceded them, including a broken tape for the "11" disc, which is broken.

The creativity of Minecraft's community is well-documented, and this carries well beyond the confines of the title. The modders and resource pack creators are no less innovative than fans who create complex mega-builds in the game.

It's clear that CountXDLive put plenty of time and care into this particular redesign, so hopefully, the mod receives plenty of downloads on CurseForge and Modrinth. The work of modders and resource pack creators certainly deserves plenty of praise, as it enriches the community as a whole.

Whatever the case, fans hope CountXDLive has a few more creative mods in store for the future. One great creation surely begets another.

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