Minecraft Reddit mourns the death of Technoblade

The Minecraft star recently passed away (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)
The Minecraft star recently passed away (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)

One of the most famous Minecraft content creators and players, Technoblade, sadly passed away on June 30. He was not only a great YouTuber but a talented player who was loved by millions. The news broke a few hours ago, shattering everyone that knew him. The popular Minecraft Reddit post mourned his death in a recent post.

A Redditor by the name of 'u/Sirius_Rise' posted a photo of Technoblade's YouTube video that was posted after his death. The video was recorded by his family, and his father talked about Techno's last moments and words. With a heavy heart and a choking voice, his father spoke about how his son wanted to record his last video but was unable to.

Technoblade simply wrote his last message to his fans and his loved ones before taking his last breath a few hours later. His father read out the message over one of his gameplay videos.

The entire Minecraft Reddit community came together and mourned. The original poster simply captioned how it was an honor to get to know and watch Techno.

Minecraft Redditors express sorrow on Technoblade's death


Over the years, Technoblade gradually became popular and had millions of fans. He was one of the veterans of the game and was respected and appreciated in the community. Hence, when the Reddit post about his death went live, it was instantly flooded by thousands of users.

The post has close to 44 thousand upvotes and 2 thousand comments, and it continues to increase as more and more people receive the heartbreaking news.

Several Redditors sadly talked about how the content creator mocked his viewers light-heartedly even in his last message. In his last message, he mentions his real name and then tells a story about how he pranked his audience by leaking a fake name back in 2016.

Redditors talked about how the content creator continues to make them smile by telling them stories even after his death.

Redditors also mentioned his famous slogan 'Technoblade never dies' and how the beloved content creator will live on in their hearts. They further talked about several memorials and fanarts the community will create.

One of the Redditors mentioned how Hypixel, the server where Techno used to play a lot, will create a memorial for him in the server world.

The Minecraft community is so huge that many of them don't know who the content creator is. Nonetheless, they commented on the post and offered their condolences. They discussed how they'd only watched a few of his videos but were blown away by the amount of respect and love he received from the community.

Overall, the entire Minecraft Reddit page came together on the post and expressed their utmost sadness. Some remembered him by talking about his videos, while others raged against cancer and how it took Techo's life.

This, along with many other Reddit posts, paid respect to the late content creator. Other content creators like Dream, Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, Quackity, etc., also tweeted and mourned his death.